7 Questions With: Kaytradamus Celestic

Recently, I posted a remix for one of my favorite Janet Jackson jams of all time that was, in my opinion, quite fresh. Upon doing my research on the producer I was interested to find a young, unsigned, talent currently residing in Montreal. For Kevin Celestin aka Kaytradamus Celestic aka DJ KC, music has always been a major facet of life and now his skill and passion for making beats is gaining him a growing fanbase and plenty respect. I made contact and asked for permission to pick his brain. He agreed and what follows is the result of my curiousity and his willingness to share. So take a second and get to know Kaytradamus……….

HBBNG: You credit your father with being the catalyst for your pursuit of music, what kind of musician was your pops and in what way did he make the biggest impact on your musical philosophy?

 KC: He used to make Haitian music which I wasn’t interested back then…but I remember my dad was always playing some Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd, Sarah Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald and many more on tapes, CD’s and Vinyls (my favorites) during my childhood. But it was kind a different when he was playing Bob Marley. This is an artist that I was so attached [to] he was my idol back at 5 years old. I wish I had more time with my dad, to just relax, chill and play music.

HBBNG: What’s the mission of your art, what do you hope to accomplish with your craft?

 KC: I hope that it’s exactly like I wish it was. I wish I could not only make music, but make dope photography & album covers. The world needs my creativity and enjoy it.

 HBBNG: In your interview with Fashion Life Crew you mentioned that hearing Dilla’s handy work on the Tribe classic Find A Way was a turning point for you in the way you approached beat making. What was it about that particular beat that struck you and further more what was it about J Dilla’s music that connected you so strongly to it?

 KC: Back then when I didn’t know Dilla, it was rare for me to listen to some dope ass beats like his. ‘Find A Way’ made me discover how dope he was. I had to do  research , I didn’t know he was the one that made beats [for] the illest rappers and singers between the late-90’s and the 2000’s.

 HBBNG: Please finish the sentence: When I was driving home I saw the lights of the Goodyear blimp and it said Kaytradamus ?

KC: highly anticipated album is in stores now! Cop That SHIT! XD

 HBBNG: What’s the underground scene in Montreal like right about now?

KC: Well the underground scene in Montreal is for the French rappers and I don’t listen to French rap (in Montreal). I gotta admit that lyrics matter over here but im not really paying attention to the underground in Montreal. It’s hard to find somebody that listens to the same artists like me.

 HBBNG: I know that you’re currently unsigned. Would you rather be scooped up by a label or do you want to continue grinding independently? Given the impact of the internet in promoting and marketing music do you feel that being signed to a label is still necessary for substantial success?

 KC: I just wish I could get signed one day, it is one of my biggest dreams but if I get signed and I want  substantial success like you said,  you have to do a catchy song that a lot of people would like & I don’t know  if promoting will help.

 HBBNG: What’s next for you and your crew God Monsters/Celestics? Where are you trying to take your sound in 2010 and beyond?

 KC: We’re gonna try to drop a mixtape this year, if everything goes as planned. My brother (Louie P.) is recording tracks. We’re gonna release singles from the mixtape on our youtube account ( and yeah…be on the lookout for the mixtape.

some remixes from his youtube channel

check for Kaytradamus on myspace, facebook, and twitter


Yo can I get a sweet tea and some extra hush puppies with that?


The Only Answer I Can Give Is No Answer At All
March 4, 2010, 5:14 pm
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If you frequent this little thing of mine I don’t like to call a blog, then you may have noticed as of late I have not been writing as much as I used to. I have reached a crossroads in my life that is very hard to articulate. Most of you twenty-somethings out there, and perhaps some of you who are a bit older, should feel me when I say that I have become consumed with searching for myself. I have become obsessed with identifying my passion, clarifying my purpose, and restructuring my goals to achieve those things I desire most. In a world full of endless possibilites and with an imagination full of endless dreams how do you know which ones to catch and which ones to let float away? Is it even possible to catch them all? In my head are many questions, and I’ve been searching tirelessly for answers. I’ve been looking for signs, something, anything to tell me where to enter, where to exit, what to look out for, to speed up or to slow down, to be cautious, to wait, to change directions, or to stay the course, but I’ve seen no such guides along my way. It is during these times when our eyes fail us we are forced to do the hardest and simplest of things, TRUST and BELIEVE……..

you can question my soul


you can question my soul

but it will probably just



cause you don’t know me

and I don’t owe you

and that is all

i have to


you can question my soul


you can question my soul

but it will just move

past and

forge ahead

cause the only


that I hear is

much greater than


and there are

no more words





 question my soul

question my soul

but it will probably just




one time for the most consistent, most signifigant

Peace, prayers, and love brotha……

Nikko Gray x Afta-1=Stuff you need to listen to

The goddess Nikko Gray on the microphone and the wizard Afta-1 on the beats at Strictly Social. If you don’t know about Ms. Gray you better ask somebody……

….listen to your heart, don’t listen to your mind……

Beats by Kaytradamus Celestic

Kaytradamus Celestic aka DJ KC is a hip hop/elctro/soul producer currently residing in Canada. Dude makes crazy beats and is currently not signed to any labels, indie or major. This remix for one of my favorite jams of all time is terminal. Certified dancefloor jumpoff……………

Mr. Mister [future screw remix]

The original version of this song and video was my first taste of J. Davey, and I’ve been a fan ever since. This remixed version smashes the original though. Dope visuals by Ethan Lader.