AALIYAH: Tha Top 5
April 27, 2009, 5:56 pm
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My latest post got me inspired. I’m a junkie for visual art and music videos are just the shit to me.  I think my obsession with them comes from childhood. My favorite Disney movie of all time is Fantasia. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a surrealist piece of work in which several animated shorts provide visualizations for classical compositions from greats like Bach and Tchaikovsky. That is the only movie that ever mesmerized me as a child, I even had the video game on Sega Genesis. Yup way old school.

What I love most about music videos is they are visual interpretations of mood and emotions. Where films are mostly character driven, the video is all about the ambience. It is the visual interpretation of lyrics and harmonies, of grooves and feelings. Creativity is allowed to roam completely free, it’s like visual poetry. This young lady right here, to me, was the definition of an artist. Her style was so sick, so unique that almost 8 years after her death her music and videos still puts the majority of these rnb chicks to shame. Her legacy leaves us with some of the most bangin, ethereal, hypnotic grooves ever created and some tight ass videos too.  She was an aesthetically brilliant pioneer and a musical ingenue, enjoy………

5. One of my favorite songs, she looks gorgeous

4. Str8 G

3. Round the way girl fantasticness

2. Classic

1. Taking sex appeal to another level, abstract lovliness


April 27, 2009, 1:43 am
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There are several dope directors out there, but Hype has a special place in my heart. 70% of the reason Belly is one of my favorite movies is beacause of the imagery. His style, vision, and creativity is bananas, and he has graced up with some of the most visually stunning videos of all time. 

Like most  80’s babies, I love me some music videos. There are some  that you can watch a couple times before the novelty wears off, then there are some that stand the test of time. Hype’s videos are always a treat for my eyes. I have a secret wish to direct myself one day and he is one of the main people who inspired my desire to be a visual alchemist. I salute you Hype, and without further ado……………..

10. 1 of the sexiest vids of all time. Easily coulda been a good flick

9. Like one fonky ass acid trip

8. str8 coolness i don’t know what else to say, RIP LEFT EYE

7. This joint is just fun to watch,  kaleidoscopic

6. Classically hood,  innovatively sexy 

5. A conceptual masterpiece[

4. A new school twist on a classic film. Flawless

3. Big ups American Pop, another homage to a dope film

2. Strange lookin women never looked so good. Genius

1. Originally the number one spot on this countdown was going to “Sock It To Me” by Missy. That video is such random genius,they don’t make em like that no more. The only full length version of that song I couldn’t download though. Still this video was going to recieve an honorable mention after I went back and forth for about an hour deciding if it would be this or the Missy vid for the top spot. This is  breathtaking farewell from an equally breathtaking woman. Aaliyah was one of the best who ever did it. RIP                  

Update: found it


1 cool mutha……..
April 25, 2009, 11:45 pm
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Dj Quik is my dude. He’s the only man i’ve ever found attractive in a press n curl, was, and still is one of the dopest producers and lyricists in the game. If my life had a soundtrack, i’d probably ask him to score it……

Sleepaway Camp: 1 for the DVD collection……
April 25, 2009, 9:58 pm
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Let me start out by saying I am a horror movie FREAK. If I could, I would watch them all day every day. I love movies in general but if I had to choose a genre, it would be horror hands down. Ask my pops. One of my earliest horror memories is watching Pet Semetary 2 with my little brother. I was like 8 at the time so that puts my brother at about 3. It was on some scene where dude’s face was melting off and my dad walks in the living room, takes one look at the screen and asks, “What is wrong with yall?” That still makes me smile till this day. I digress though. It takes a certain type of humor to appreciate the cinematic gems known as the Sleepaway Camp trilogy. I was channel surfing late one night and ended up on Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland.  I though the description sounded alright so I figured I’d give it a shot. I came in on this scene right here and I damn near peed my pants.

 I stayed up until 3 just to see the end, and I own all the movies. It’s like the perfect blend of comedy and horror. It’s creeps you out, it’s kinda grotesque but it’s funny as hell. I also think Angela, the killer, is one of the most memorable slasher goons ever brought to film.The original Sleepaway Camp is hailed as a cult classic but, I didn’t think it was all that. It’s a creepy little story where we are first introduced to Angela. We are shown how she becomes a killer and given her motives for doing so.  To look at the film from a critics perspective, the plotline, and character developments aren’t too bad. The camera direction also does an on par job providing genuinely eerie images.  The film looses me mostly with it’s slowness,  all these special effects and camera tricks nowadays have me a little spoiled.  While the first film has a heavier tone, the second and third installments were created distinctly to rival the flicks on the 80’s slasher movie scene. If you’re  a horror fan, like to smoke bud, a movie junkie, or just someone who appreciates odd humor you can probably dig this. For you’re viewing pleasure; one of the nastiest ways you could possibly be put to death, by outhouse.

Triflin hoes n lacefronts……
April 25, 2009, 6:30 pm
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Hey young world!!!!! Guess what, ya girl just got “let go” today. I can’t really say I’m trippin off it though, I hated the job.  It was a little part time situation down at the local beauty supply.  I intially had my heart set on working at a Sally’s Beauty Supply. Unfortunately, they weren’t hiring but the spot down the street from my house was.  I turned in my resume, they called me back, we got the rappin and that’s how it happened.  I was geeked to say the least. The job didn’t pay that well but, I was paid in cash and without the hassle of being taxed. I also thought it would be pretty cool to work around beauty products since I like all things made for beautifying. I thought I found the perfect fit, I thought wrong. The owner, I’m gonna call her Ms. S,  gave me the wrong vibe my first day on the gig. She wanted me to “closely watch” my co-worker and inform her of any suspciscious behavior I observed. One thing about me, I’m not a snitch. I also am not a personal watchdog. She has the place laced with security cameras and she checks them every night when she closes. To me that’s all the observation she needed. Plus, Ms. S was real hard up on us watching the customers as well, saying that people often steal from her and we should essentially take a person’s appearance as an indicator of shady motives. Lady you’re shop is in the semi-hood, shit happens and honest people might look a little sketchy. I’ve been followed in a store before, i’ve been clocked as someone who looked the part, so that whole judging a book by it’s cover thing really isn’t my style. 

Tuesday afternoon, we got got for two lace front wigs. The perpetrator looked like Ms Noxema Jackson from To Wong Foo , see pic above.The chick convinced my manager to let her take two wigs outside to show her sister, supposedly waiting in the car. So I’m asked to escort her . When we get out front she starts pacing up and down through the parking lot claiming her sister had rode off somewhere. So she’s on the phone cursing her sister out and telling her how stupid she is for driving off . So we’re searching the parking lot looking for the car and in the midst of the commotion I handed her the wigs, dumb move on my part. So as we walk futher away from the store and spot the car in an adjacent parking lot, it starts to click that somthing ain’t right. She goes up to car holds the two wigs up to window asking, “Which one of these you want?”, looks at me one last time then hops in the car like jumpin jack flash and takes off. They pulled a jack move on me son. Stealing isn’t cool but hood rat antics do make me chuckle. People do the darndest things. Stealing a wig, really? You don’t a have a man who will let you hold some money to get you’re hair did, and is what you have growing out of your scalp so busted you need a 70$ lace front to get fresh? So many questions, not enough answers. 

One of the things that worked my nerves about that job was working 9 and 10 hour shifts with no break. Ms. S had told us before  she didn’t want us to leave , but delivery is expensive and 10 hours is a long time without any grub.  Since she’s never there we usually get our lunch break , one way or another. Today I had a taste for Mickey D’s so I rode up the block to grab me and the manager a bite to eat. I come back no later that 15 minutes to find my manager  looking  distruaght on the phone. A minute or two after that Ms. S comes in looking pissed. The weave snatchers struck again. This time Noxema comes in the store, asks about a wig, and snatches it right out of my managers hands. I’m kind of nervous now, trying to hide the McDonald’s bags and then Ms. S turns to me. “Where were you!” I knew it was coming. Trying to cover my ass, I said I went out to the car to look for something. She’s all pissed now exclaiming that I needed to be in the store or this would’ve never happened. So then she waves me off telling me I need to go home. At this point, I’m done. I’ve been wanting to put in my two weeks notice for some time now and I’ve been increasingly unhappy as the weeks progressed. I knew it would’t be long until it all fell down. I mean I feel bad for not being there, but what are the odds the moment I step out to grab a bite the same chicks that stole the day before come by to steal again? Even if I had been there, what was I supposed to do? It was a snatch n dash, was I supposed to wrestle her to the ground or chase her? Ms. S gets in my face trying to drill me and that’s where things got a little ugly. She even inferred that I might have something to do with it since my prescence or lack thereof coincided with both incidents. On top of that she refused to pay me. To make it short and sweet Ms. S, perhaps you don’t make any money in the black hair care business because you don’t care about the business or the clientele, only how many 70 $ lacefronts and 90$ packs of milkyway you can sell. I know that nobody likes to be stolen from but the 210 dollars for those three wigs is chump change compared to all the items she has stocked and ready to high charge folks for. All in all I’m thankful to be out of there and I knew that wasn’t the place for me. Thanks for giving me the rest of my Saturday off!!! To you Ms. S


Update: Me and Ms. S have spoken and rationalized like human beings, I will be compensated, with minor deductions, and all is right in the world. I take back bout half of the animosity in this post

Afta College:I’ve Been Bamboozled

May 10 2008 was the date of my graduation from the prestigious Shaw Univeristy of Raleigh, North Carolina. For four years I thrusted myself headfirst into my studies and completed them, by obtaining my bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts. I began as a Mass Communications major but decided I wanted a more diverse curriculum, so I switched. Now the only proplem I find myself running into is I’m out in the world with a degree that, according to my well-meaning family, wasn’t the right degree to get. For making money, that is. Sure there’s things I can do with the one I have but, I could’ve studied English so I can teach or Law so I can be a Lawyer. If I would’ve studied these subjects maybe I would be making more than my current O’Charley’s salary but, I didn’t want to. I studied philosophy and journalism because my passions were aroused, but I’ve learned the lesson that upper escaholon five figure salaries trump earnest learning anyday.

Maybe my post college funk has got me a little delusional but I find the thought of a suit and tie, average nine to five, dissapointing at best. Not saying that landing an occupation like that isn’t respectable or imppressive, it’s just what I envisioned for myself. It’s hard explaining to your mother that creatively inspiring work matters more than a fat pay check, but then again it’s hard rationalizing that sentiment when bills are due. The child in me feels lied to, like the adults in my life hyped up a college education as the skeleton key to all doors of oppurtunity. That’s only partly true. The truth as I’m beggining to see it now is all degrees aren’t created equal and the only ones that truly matter are the ones that snag you an above average salary. Now they tell me that If I really want to make it, I need to get my masters. Really, I would love to further my education but I’m just not feeling it too much this time around. I would go for the enviroment, for the mental stimulation and the transferrence of  theories and point-of- views. I would go for the  comraderie and knowledge that can be found on a campus, but what will be the cost? I just about had a nervous breakdown trying to work full time, fight the inevitable social and emotional battles of young adulthood, keep enough money in my account for rent, groceries and gas, all while racing toward commencement. Uncle Sam already has his hands deep in my pockets to get back that loan for my previous education so, the idea of taking on more debt at this stage in the game isn’t too appealing to me.

I don’t know about the bulk of my peers, but I feel had and strangely understanding all at the same time. When I look in the mirror and see these old tired eyes of mine, when my mom and I fight about the car payments, when I had to move back in with my grandma, I realized the meaning of death and taxes being the only things we will never escape. Creating a life for yourself  is not cheap nor is it as great as you think it’s going to be at 16. Not to sound morbid, life can be a fun ride, it’s just the pressure of the dog eat dog, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, captalist, rat race mentality that get’s me down. We shouldn’t have to feel we must make enourmous amounts of money or attain a certain title just to be percieved as making it. In our present reality we have vivid depictions of the good life all around us, taunting us from VH1 speicals, commercials, and music videos.We shouldn’t have to choose between what we really want and what someone else tells us we need. I believe that we all have a calling  that will lead us to all the things in this life we desire, we just have to be brave enough to follow it. The problem I find is most people will make you feel foolish for  listening to the subtle voice from within instead of the blaring cat call of the almighty dollar. Do any of you other post- collegiates or twenty- somethings feel the same way ?

Where u been all my life……
April 16, 2009, 8:08 pm
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Aight so I ,might be a little late, but I heart Afro Punk. Big time. More than big time. The Afro punk movement embodies the spirit of my youthly rebellion. My disrobing of all the cloaks society forced me to wear. It gives it a voice, and better yet a face. A face, that for once, resembles my own. I’m not one for pity parties, so don’t expect one here, but i’ll just say growing up in North Carolina was no cakewalk. Bigotry and racist ideology exists everywhere, but it was perfected in the south .

I was heavy into the grunge, skate punk ,whateva-u wanna-call it  scene for a hot minute during my early adolescence and teenage years; Nirvana, Korn, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Stone Temple Pilots, Our Lady Peace, Nine Inch Nails, Limp Bizkit, Incubus, The Donnas, Veruca Salt, A Perfect Circle….these was my dawgs. I try not to label  myself ,and as you come to know me you will see that my personal tastes are a  mash up a myriad of influences. The only generalization I can give myself is I like it funky…nuff said. I grew up in Fayetteville, NC , the gateway of the south.  If you know about the south, then you already know we  tend to lag behind our northern and western counterparts when it comes to thinking progressively. Nowadays it’s cool to be black and “different”, but in my neck of the woods black people didn’t just do anything. Growing up I heard the  following  statements like they were actually factual; black people don’t listen to that, black people don’t wear that , black people don’t talk like that, black people don’t skateboard, black people don’t wear blue eye shadow, black people don’t hang out with that many white people, and the list ,unfortunately, goes on. I was picked on mercilessly by peers and told by my parents that I needed to get some more black friends so I could act normally. I was called a race traitor, ostracized from my ethnic group because I did not fit the perception of what a young black girl should be. The shit sucked, and I developed quite an identity crisis from the fall out of being misunderstood and emotionally crucified for something as simple as the music you choose to jam to. But big girls don’t cry, they get even by growing up to be educated and fantabulous. I’m grown enough to know now that despite you’re color or ethnic affiliation, there’s just some things that  move the soul. If you’re true to yourself, you let it move you. I’m grown enough to know that at one time in this country white radio stations wouldn’t play rock n roll. I’m educated enought to know that rock n roll is rooted in the rhythym and blues, black music.  Being a black woman who is proud of her heritage has taken time. Those who sought to break me down in my youth, had me under the false impression that I was the wrong color for my soul. I’m not trying to be elitist in any way, but black people possess a creative, innovative, unique,and wonderfully complex culture. We are no better than any other group of people on GOD’S green earth, but when we do something, we got a flair that’s hard to ignore. We have a style that has permeated the core of mainstream America since the days of the minstrel show. Music has always played a large part in my life; in my home, the church choir, school chorus , birthdays,  funeral’s, cookouts, family get togethers ,whatever, whenever, music was there. Even though I’m a a writer I can’t conjure the exact phrase to express the value of music in my life. For every scene of my earthly journey, there’s a song. Every crush, every love affair, every moment of joy, every moment of sorrow, every party, when i go to sleep, and when i wake up in the morining, a song is there. Black music is all music. Black music is deep, soulful, fast as furious, soft and sweet, electronic, organic, funky, jazzy, classy and country. Black music is turntables, banjos, steel drums,electric guitars and synthesizers. Black music is my music and I love it all. Nothing makes me more proud of my people than when I see us being the creative forces we are, despite what people tell us we’re not supposed to be or do. Afro Punk you make the little girl inside me that was broken feel whole again. You make me want to stand up on a rooftop and shout like i’ve caught the holy ghost. I heart you.

2 Fresh……..