Magazines r dead?
April 8, 2009, 10:25 pm
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Computers suck. I know they’re one of the greatest technological achievments of modern man, but on the real though, they suck. Plain and simple. I was told that journalism is pretty much dead. The days of magazine and newspaper reporters are coming to thier denoument, while internet publication gleams brightly on the horizon.  Why buy a paper when you can have all the news you want, updated by the minute, with the click of a button. Surfing a site is easier, freer, and faster than, locating, buying and, thumbing through a magazine. You can call me old school but, I like the feeling of newspaper between my fingertips. Now magazines are a consummate passion of mine. I lived for them all throughout middle school and highschool; seventeen,  girl, vogue, vibe, honey, nylon, urb, japanese fashion mags, car mags, tattoo mags,  pure bliss.  My walls were covered in eye catching advertisements and dope photographs of my favorite entertainers, and anybody else whose personality and/or  worldy contributions  grabbed my admiration from the pages i poured over for hours on end. I refuse to belive that this is the end for magazines, and further more i believe there will come a day when the technology we so heavily rely on will com crashing down all around us. Yeah i said it, and no i’m not talking about the hyped up propaganda that surrounded Y2k. With any great giant there is always an achilles heel, and computers are both strengthed and weakened by thier dependence on electricity. When the power is out, so is the machine.


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