Who wants to be Ray J’s bottom bitch?
April 15, 2009, 10:05 pm
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     Yes I watch it. Though I sometimes hit the mute button to get through an episode  without triggering my gag reflex, I watch For The Love of Ray J.  This is about the umpteenth installment of the “Love” series spawned by the production company 51 minds and for me, is the one that get’s underneath my skin in a way that neither Flavor Flav, New York,  Real ,Chance or Brett Michaels  could. Love doesn’t have anything to do with this mess, male chauvenism and female desperateness do though.

Now most of us who know a little sum sum about the pimp n ho game, thanks HBO, know that the term “Bottom Bitch” in it’s original context refers to a pimp’s first working girl , or in my best Bishop Don Magic Juan voice, the first one he had down on the team to make that green.  In adition , gives 9 more definitions for this term and , I found two that satisfactorily define it for it’s use in this post. The definitions are as follows;” the one girl the pimp reserves for himself; or the player’s favorite girl” and ” a woman who is down for anything, she is extremely loyal to her mate. She is not scared to defend her man, even if it puts her life in danger”.  Any simpleton who watches the show would agree that what Ray J is actually looking for is a favorite girl, not the love of his life. People looking for love usually don’t  take  a stable of  14 women into a rented mansion, name them stupid shit like Sugartits and Gumball Ass, and require they compete in ridiculous challenges to win thier affection.  Love in real life or Love on the boulevard. Sounds kinda like the boulevard to me. Though this was the essential plotline for all the shows in the 51 minds dating disasters,  it’s ultimately Ray J’s mediocrity that pushes this particular reality show over the thin line into voyeuring gratuitious self-indulgence. The same reason I don’t watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians is the same reasonI really have no taste for Ray J. What the hell is his claim to fame???? Really, what makes him so special he must take up 1 hour of perfectly good televsion time? I mean I know he’s Brandy’s brother and he manages to churn out delightful semi- chart toppers such as “Sexy Can I” and………well.  At least the other stars of these shows had some sort of pop culture appeal and, even if they didn’t they were funny as hell to watch. Flav was hilarious, New York was hilarious, Real and Chance were just unbelievable and therefore hilarious, and Brett Michaels makes me chuckle. Ray J, not so much.  I can’t laugh with him and he’s so lame I can’t even laugh at him . Saying “blessings to you” as he hands his potentials thier wine glasses, really? This show gives me that  disgusted feeling I get when one of my girls tells me how in love she is with some worthless ass man. Watching makes me feel like i’m in the middle of something that I really have no business in. Never in the history of one of these shows have so many girls opted to leave the competiton, and I believe they started to smell Ray J’s shit before he had a chance to make them believe it didn’t stink. Take Lil Hood for example, though editing might have made her seem a little off her rocker, I believe she was the smartest one in the house for calling a spade a spade.

Dumb ass


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