April 27, 2009, 1:43 am
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There are several dope directors out there, but Hype has a special place in my heart. 70% of the reason Belly is one of my favorite movies is beacause of the imagery. His style, vision, and creativity is bananas, and he has graced up with some of the most visually stunning videos of all time. 

Like most  80’s babies, I love me some music videos. There are some  that you can watch a couple times before the novelty wears off, then there are some that stand the test of time. Hype’s videos are always a treat for my eyes. I have a secret wish to direct myself one day and he is one of the main people who inspired my desire to be a visual alchemist. I salute you Hype, and without further ado……………..

10. 1 of the sexiest vids of all time. Easily coulda been a good flick

9. Like one fonky ass acid trip

8. str8 coolness i don’t know what else to say, RIP LEFT EYE

7. This joint is just fun to watch,  kaleidoscopic

6. Classically hood,  innovatively sexy 

5. A conceptual masterpiece[

4. A new school twist on a classic film. Flawless

3. Big ups American Pop, another homage to a dope film

2. Strange lookin women never looked so good. Genius

1. Originally the number one spot on this countdown was going to “Sock It To Me” by Missy. That video is such random genius,they don’t make em like that no more. The only full length version of that song I couldn’t download though. Still this video was going to recieve an honorable mention after I went back and forth for about an hour deciding if it would be this or the Missy vid for the top spot. This is  breathtaking farewell from an equally breathtaking woman. Aaliyah was one of the best who ever did it. RIP                  

Update: found it



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