Why America Just Might Implode…………
June 26, 2009, 12:36 am
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My friends and I love to crack on each other.  One day my boy L called me Keema X and I just about died. You see,  I constantly get on him for always jocking the light skinned girl on TV, telling him the only reason he thinks she’s cute is because she’s more on the european side of the black spectrum. He in turn thinks I’m the stereotypical angry black sista, hence the name Keema X. It’s all jokes, for sure, but ya girl connects the dots between the past and the present.  I state the obvious, the obvious no one wants to identify as being so. The obvious about America is for all our greatness and diversity, we are ultimately a nation of fools, much more content with bickering about surface level symptoms than purging ourselves of a deeper sickness . America was founded on elitist principles which have permeated almost every aspect of our culture. That ideology is what causes well to do pale skinned white haired republicans on CNN news shows to whine like little bitches and scrutinize Obama’s every move as President of this country like he’s a house  slave whose been allowed to touch his master’s fine china for the first time. That ideology is what causes black folk to be in an uproar over the charicterization of robots in Transformers 2 as “ghetto”, while the director claims there is nothing going on but a little creative liscence.  That ideology is what causes the hatred behind that nutcase attempting to shoot up the Holocaust Museum. That ideology is what causes heterosexual people to vote agianst homosexual people they don’t even know having the same rights as themselves all because they don’t think the way they live thier lives is “right”.  Why do black people always feel like someone is picking on us and our culture , when we are told time and time again that the racial bigotry of the past is loooong gone and it’s not what it looks like? Why is there so much ” I told you so” attitude coming from the one’s that obviously didn’t vote for Obama even though he won the election fair and square unlike Mr. Bush,  and how does a country function properly when it’s legislative and executive branches can’t even agree on issues as pressing as healthcare?  I don’t think I have ever seen so much speculation, dissection and critique of a Presidents views and policies. They didn’t sweat Bush nearly as hard and he was one of, if not the worst president in our nations history.  Why did George Tiller have to die in his church because sombody thought he was a sinner and murderer for providing a presently legal service? Why are we still debating about abortion when people just find more creative, sickening and inhumane ways to take the lives of  fully developed children everyday? Why is a pastor praying for Obama’s death? The only thing that can save us is  co-existence and equality on all fronts,  but it seems to me that we will always have to be either in the right orin the wrong. Christian right, muslim wrong.  Straight right, gay wrong. Republican right, Democrat left. America right, everybody else wrong. Can’t we just agree to disagree and be done with it, or would it be too much to bear knowing someone across the street is living thier life just fine without having the same personal ideals as yourself. We are supposedly a Christian nation and what is the greatest commandment Jesus gave his disciples to follow? I got a lot of questions as you can see, anybody got some answers?


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