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June 29, 2009, 11:59 am
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This talented young man goes by the name of Carolina Ty and he’s straight out of my neck of the woods, Fayetteville, or Fayettenam to most. Now dude is definately one to watch and he’s already got a lotta love in and out of the NC. I happened to stumble across this video on his youtube channel and yall already know I’m a poet at heart. One of the main reasons I connect with hip hop on such  a deep level is my passion for the art of spoken word. Who said rappers ain’t poets?

This poem reminds me of something I read when I was in middle school. My best friends older sister had a large notebook that belonged to a friend of hers filled with love letters and poems from her longtime boyfriend. We were all up in her girl’s business and her boyfriend had written her some of the most romantic, in a hood way, and erotic things my young mind had encountered thus far.  Growing up in Fayetteville,  almost every dude who wasn’t considered a “lame” was either  straight out the projects,  a suburban boy who acted like he was straight out the projects,  or a boy who didn’t exemplify any “soft” behavior.  Maybe it was growing up in the 90’s but we were some bad azz young kids,  everybody was either in a gang or affiliated and school was more wilding out than learning. I was floored when I read this young man pouring out the contents of his heart with such beauty, eloquence and sensitivity.  I was like daaaaang this is what the boys are like in high school???? I can’t wait till I get a man!!!!!!! I got my answer and to my dismay, I learned that high school sweethearts who stand the test of time are a rare occurance, and boys who wrote  like that were even more rare. This poem takes me back to those days, when I yearned to have a freaky love letter book of my own……………………

For music and more check him at,


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