You sent the email, don’t be a punk about it………

I love when somebody slips up and let’s their true colors show in regards to race. I LOVE IT.  I don’t know why. It’s like a personal, mmm hmmm I told you so moment. I’m often accused of being too into that “black girl shit” as one of my friends so eloquently described the content of some of my articles on this site. I’m sorry, I’m black, that’s the racial label I was given. Yes, I am into all things that have to do with black folks, especially when it comes to attacks, directly or indirectly, on my status as a human being in this society. In comes Officer Justin Barrett. You’ve probably heard of him by now if you keep up with the jones’s through CNN or if you’ve been following the soap opera-esque melodrama that is the Henry Louis Gates Jr. arrest. For clarification’s sake, Officer Justin Barrett is not the arresting officer, that was Sgt Joseph Crowley. Now we all know cops take care of thier own, and Officer Barrett went directly into ‘ride or die’ mode. He sent an e-mail to columnist Yvonne Abraham in which he referred to Mr. Gates as a “banana eating jungle monkey” and a “bumbling jungle monkey” and also refers to her writing as “jungle monkey gibberish”. After Mr. Barrett debunks Ms Abrahams skills as “as good as jungle monkey gibberish” he then goes on to state, ” I might as well AX you the question….” Hmmmmm. Why would a self-proclaimed former English teacher and writer use AX as if it was a proper word. Perhaps it was an attempt at jungle monkey speak? Even though I’ve never seen a photograph of Ms. Abraham, given some of the publications she’s written for, I am pretty that sure she’s a black woman, which makes his ignorant insinuations that much more provocative. You can view the original e-mail for yourself here. Now that Officer Barrett has been placed on administrative leave pending a full investigation and a termination hearing, he wants to cry I am not a racist, which he also stated in his e-mail.

I sincerely apologize to fellow officers, soldiers and citizens, I did not intend any racial bigotry blah, blah, bleh, bleh, bleh. Come on dude! I could see if he came up with something along the lines of, ” You know what, I was angry and there’s just some things about this country/some people I just don’t understand/upset me…..” Perhaps I could relate if he stood up for himself like a man and spoke his truth instead of stumbling and fumbling through that pre-written, politically correct, apology speech that was fooling no one. You’ve got to love how his lawyer tried to take the viewers to church when Larry started poking. My favorite part of this whole interview;

Larry: What made you come up with that language though?

Officer Barrett: I don’t even know…

Oh you know buddy, you know. You may not consider yourself a full bigot but you’ve got a little bit of it up in there swimming around somewhere, don’t front. Language like that does not come from nowhere. Social conditioning, deep-seated prejudices and upbringing might bring about that kind of language, but it most certainly does not just pop into your head like some faerie visiting you in the night. 

When I was little, whenever I got a cut or a scratch ,I was always told the fastest way to heal that sucka’ was to let the air get to it. You can cover it up and keep it clean, but to speed up the healing proces you have to air it out. I say that to say this, if you’re a bigot, put it in the air. Somebody just might come along and help you heal. Don’t hide behind the veil of being a decent citizen who always treats others with respect and dignity if you know damn well you’ll let a racial slur slip from your lips in a heartbeat if somebody of the wrong complexion tests you . Don’t be afraid to let you’re true colors show, everybody is not going to like you but at least they can respect you. Having open, honest and uncensored DIALOUGUE( more intelligent debate than verbal fisticuffs) about racial  prejudices and biases is the only way we’re ever really going to move forward with race relations in this country. All things that are done in the dark will come to light. It’s better to put your beliefs on front street voluntarily then let them fester in your mind untill they blow up all over your “good name”. 

White people, and anyone else who this may apply to, stop perpitrating. You know good and well referring to black folks as monkeys is as Jim Crow as ‘coloreds only’ signs


Adventures in Blogland Pt 1: OG’s need not apply


Why is it that the blogs that post the most irrelevant, retarded, guess who was spotted staring at a blank wall, you can read this at about 50 other sites articles get the most traffic? Call me what you want, but I really want to know. How do still shots of Rhianna sucking a lollipop manage to get over 200,000 views and 212 comments? How? I mean I can’t front like I don’t visit the sites my damn self at times, but I am rarely intrigued, enertained, persuaded or informed by what I find. For a while I was addicted to gossip mongers like Bossip, Mediatakeout, Necole Bitchie, Concreteloop and the like, that is, until I noticed they all posted the same shit more often than not on the same day.  How does one make a name for themself when one does not stand out? It seems that the fall in line formula seems to work, because the blogs pull traffic, you can’t front on that one.

I got into this game because I am a WRITER and I was told that blogging was the new medium. Newspapers, out. Magazines, so 2000. Today it’s all about the blog.  Writing is the only thing I’ve ever done exceptionally well, It’s like water for my parched soul, it resides nestled between the sacred spaces in my spirit reserved for free speech, spiritual rebellion , Spike Lee films and freak em boots. It’s more than frustrating  to hit up these wack assed cookie-cutter websites and see they’ve gotten over 1 million hits for a picture of Cassie’s pre-teen titties or over 50 views for stalker style pictures of Halle Berry running errands . Are you kidding me? Alas it’s the cruel truth that fluff pieces and filler tend to attract the attention of the masses. I guess it’s true that the minds of America’s public like to be distracted not stimulated. My critique of  Tameka Cottle’s (bka Tiny) looks got a whopping 28 views this week, and my critique of CNN’s Black in America 2? 1 view. My post about the breakdown of relations between men and women and the subsequent breakdown of the familial structure  inspired by the Steve McNair case didn’t even see the light of day. Concerning Tiny, I’m pretty sure that her cousins or sisters or other family members were policing  the web for negative press because something about that just doesn’t add up.

It’s statistics like this that can be quite discouraging to a sista, and lead me to the question; Is originality and substance respected in the realm of the blogging elite? Originality and substance in the context of what unique perspectives and diatribes do you bring to the table about the current happenings in the world. Writers are called to record this eclectic and hectic acid trip called life and all it’s hallucinations and sensations in ways that entice, engross, enrapture, and enrage. Instead this “new medium” for writers has become a cesspool of meaningless idol chatter. You won’t find none of that over here homie….. well today you will, here are five meaningless blog posts from the past couple days that got over 100 views :

Kim Kardashian leaving the club! Now that I’ve seen her in her silver and maroon jumpsuit my day is complete!

Lil Wayne’s ex wife Toya’s new boyfriend allegedly used to do what to his ex! And I care because I guess I don’t have no buisiness of my own to attend to!

Ciara didn’t pay her wig stylist! Get out!

Trey Songs had crabs and he likes porn! Well just make my day !

Look! You can see the outline of Chris Brown’s penis in his basketball shorts, kind of.

Flip it, reverse it, bring it back…’s 5 entertaining, interesting and diverse posts, that didn’t even hit 50

One blogger’s tale of going through and getting over recession depression

Remembering Shem Walker. You do know who that is right?

Fresh music from a dude you probably never heard of before

Bo Jangling for the dough?

Writing about more than Ciara’s wig piece, if you’re going to write abou a celebrity this is how you do it

Slap City!!!!!!!

Last month I traveled to lovely Sacramento, California and got in touch with an old friend who put me up on the Exposed Expressions movenment. I got to view the  Slap City Mix Show dvd still in post production stages and it was fire. Fast forward, everything that needed to be tweaked has been tweaked and the finished product is ready for consumption. If you’re hungry for fresh hip hop then you need look no further. The show is going to be broadcasted on the internet, and you can watch it here

Show Times:

7/29-  4pm pdt/ 7pm edt,  7:30pm pdt/10:30 edt, 9:30pm pdt/12:30am

8/1-    5:30 pm pdt/8: 30pm edt

8/5-   4pm pdt/7pm edt

8/6-    9:30pm pdt/ 12:30am edt

8/8-    5:3opm pdt/ 8:30pm edt

For all other inquiries about the Exposed Expressions Network of how/where to purchase the dvd hit them up here

A lil taste for ya….

July 29, 2009, 8:32 pm
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Alright, so about a week ago I posted another blogger’s post about the newest BET celebreality docu-drama Tiny & Toya. I dug the author’s sense of humor and it echoed things that I have heard from others who watched the show, so I posted it. I got some very “hearfelt” comments from two ladies in particular, going to bat like Jackie Robinson for someone you would think was a close personal friend of thiers. Funny thing is, not once did these broads click the link to read the post I was referring to in my post, they just read what I wrote, took it entirely out of context and got all indignant. Now I wasn’t going to write anything more about this subject but If you really  want something to be angry with, I must appease the public. Yes 9 times out of 10 when I see a picture of Tiny, she looks a HOT MESS. Yes you heard me right a HOT MESS. Plastic surgery does not always equal perfection and botox lips are not fooling anybody these days.  Now I didn’t come right out and say that  because the intention of my post was not to diss her, but if readers want to get heated, let me get it toasty. Tiny was and is a beautiful lady, but as of lately she has been on the recieving end of some very cruel critiques about her looks. Is that my fault? I don’t think so. Tiny chose to beome part of a television show centered on her personal life. Camera’s don’t lie and they don’t love everybody. Is that my fault? No it is not. My post is not 1/10 as critical or as vicious as some of the the other things I have read about her posted by everyday folk like myself. I found this reader comment on the young black and fabulous website …..

OnJul 24, 2009 at 5:48 am | Reply |

“TI holds tiny down like a man loves his dog. Let me school you gals. This man is with this woman because she held him down when he had nothing. She has had his back in much the same way a dog protects his master. Half her ugly has been bought about because she has been through hell and back with this man. They have a past history of drug use among other things. He is with her because he owes her and she has been there for him in ways that most women would have said goodbye along time ago. When he was on Tyra show, he clearly wanted tyra. He stated he did not have a wife and could do as he wishes.(Who disrespects their woman on national tv?) She flaunts her ring because she knows that he has many other women besides her. Dont let the ring fool you. Aint nothing nice about this relationship. This woman has had a hard life of drugs, drinking and emotional turmoil. I counsel these type of women daily and she is no different because of the money.”

Now you want to get real. There’s some realness for you. I don’t know who this Pedro 4 Prez is but they made one of the best points that nobody can deny. Life affects looks. I’m not going to go as far as speculating on if her “going through” was specifically with TIP,  but a woman’s face doesn’t look that haggard for nothing. We are a society that places high value on outward appearances, and I hate it, but women in the spotlight of the rich and famous are judged more harshly and publically than the average chick in the street.  The bottom line is when you bring a product to the people, the people are going to give you an opinion. In the case of Ms.Tameka Cottle aka Tiny, she is the product and the public has formed opinions of her. Open and shut. The only thing negative I have to say, which I say about all female celebrities who choose to go this route, is perfectly good women need to stop jacking up the mathematics of thier faces with botox and the like. Vivica did it and took the heat, Kim did it and took the heat, hell Meg Ryan did it and took the heat so Tiny is just another in a long line. She was not the first and won’t be the last.  At the end of the day it’s all about how you feel about yourself. If Tiny loves herself and the way she looks, then more power to her because I’m all about that.





















she looks real good in the above pics……
















Notice how that top lip got all swole? Yeah I know you do. Again, plastic surgery is not a friend of everyone shoot anyone. I don’t wage war against any person, but I will go against this foolishness we do to ourselves in an attempt to “enhance”. Simply put the ladies of the entertainment industry usually have teams or at least one talented, caring, and truthful individual that makes sure they stay fly enough for the camera. I believe that everyone is beautiful, but not everyone knows how to naturally enhance what they have. In Tiny’s case I believe that is her biggest flaw, and I can say that because at one time it was my biggest flaw as well. All homegirl needs is someone to primp her into her own natural perfection. And one lady mentioned that she didn’t see any pictures of me so I can’t talk. Well, Ain’t no shame in this game hun, and on that note……I’m out

Little Brother- Step My Game Up (Live)

Before we was twitterin and jitterin and all that shyt, you had to get on the phone and you had to TALK to that woman……..

A Moment of Silence Please Pt 2: The Reception

Lately, I’ve been trying to determine if I could be labeled a ” hater” because of my recent ramblings on the state of the music industry. I’m a Gemini so my thoughts often vascilate between the parallel sides of an issue, that being said, sometimes I do feel like a hater. There’s nothing wrong with an artist wanting to get paid for thier contributions to the world and there’s always been peak periods of different musical era’s that feature an abundance of similar material.

I was just watching The 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs special on VH1 and it got me the thinking on all this. More specifically the fact that they even have a special detailing the “greatest” songs in Hip Hop further suggests that an era has come and gone. Perhaps that’s the sense of death I’ve been feeling. The  hip hop icons of my formative years are now middle aged men, who seem as dissapointed and unimpressed with the current trends in popular musical stylings as I am. Everybody from Nas to Jamie Foxx to Bobby Valentino are saying the same thing, what we got going on right now isn’t “real” music. So that leads one to the question…What exactly is “real” music?

Real is defined as being; genuine, not counterfeit or  artificial or imitation, authentic, unfeigned or sincere. If these artists today are making music that comes from thier hearts, that comes from the essence of who they are is that not real? Apparently even if the music being made today is born out of genuine expression the public is not having it. According to a poll on, 63.5 percent of the 334 who voted say it is. 

Meditating on this subject, I find myself being drawn to the conclusion that it all comes down to the matter of energy. The bulk of hip hop’s energy has  shifted from realistically portryaing the collective urban experience in all it’s variations and complexities to a air-headed exploitation of the corrupted American dream. Where our people can’t think of anything better to do with 100 stacks but to scatter it on the floor of a strip club. Where songs have become more like rhythmic endorsements dropping names of high end designer labels, cars and liquor like adjectives, metaphors and similes. We like clothes, and shoes, and parties, and nice things, who doesn’t right? These things are all good, yet they are just small aspects of the full human experience. It is the increasing shift toward formulized materialism and consumerism that has slowly been killing hip hop. I find it ironic that urban populations are often the poorest, speaking in terms of per capita income, yet they are comprised  of the most coveted consumers in big buisness, spending more money on average than consumers considered “non-urban”.

from Swag Surfin by F.L.Y

swaggin in the club you gon see me throwin money up

came here wit a bad chick and all her friends as fine as her

drinks we gon pour them up

exotic  what we rollin up

Patron, Goose and Hennessy

they got it, ima drink it up

I’m always wearin Polo nigga

I’m Ralph Lauren’s mascot……

and this was 96………

Dead Prez- Summertime
July 25, 2009, 3:23 pm
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So I just spent about two hours scouring the net looking for some exsclusive goodness to post up. I guess the word “exsclusive” really doesn’t have a place in our vocabulary these days, seeing as how as soon as something classified as new hits the atomsophere it’s snatched up into a of tweeting, streaming, e-mailing, posting, file-sharing, downloading frenzy. So you probably seen this video before but this song gives me a warm feeling on the inside so…… it go

Pulse of the People: Turn off the Radio Vol 3 in stores now