Daily Jewelz: Past, Present and Future Heroes……….
July 8, 2009, 12:42 pm
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This piece was written by a very talented friend of mine hailing from the Bay Area, east Oakland to be exact. Whenever I read his poetry, I always tell him he writes the kind of stuff that you have to read again. I mean no doubt about it, the piece will be crazy good, but the first reading doesn’t do anything for me. That’s nothing negative though, that’s the way it is with all good poetry . A poem must force the reader to focus on the subtle wisdom woven between the verses.  A good poem is hard to critique because, in essence, it’s an extension of someones being . The total sum of their thoughts and emotions recorded on paper.  You know a good one when you read one, but sometimes, to grasp the full genius of what you’ve just read you have to read it again……..

Words and wisdom run hand and hand
freedom is once in a lifetime, while time is free
can’t control so fire turns desire
soul to soul each for white house retire
If you build it they will come but past is unsure
When black build it they took from me to say it’s yours
Now is this a place for freedom to prove
A place where black children were hung, black women were done
So if you have answers for the wise
Don’t let the past be the creator of the demise
Sit back and watch history reverse course
Now that is a hero with out a sword

-Jensen D. Best


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that is the SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by OAKLAND Cali

lol, u should read his other stuff

Comment by taeh

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