The Enlightened Mind Pt 2: 1 time for the single ladies……

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a post in response to an article about black women and interracial dating. Basically I was tired of hearing about how high numbers of black women are unmarried or unhappily single. They claim that we are suffering because of a dire shortage of good black men; due to homosexuality, interracial dating ,jail and our unwillingness to expand our options outside of our own ethnic group. I threw up my middle finger to that whole concept, as I was highly pissed about the media at large trying to play us like some simps. The circumstances surrounding the death of Steve McNair has helped me to reach a conclusion that I can’t believe I didn’t come to sooner. McNair’s death was tragic, as is any situation when a life is taken for reasons less than natural but I believe this is the type of tragedy that screams for us to look deeper than the obvious troubles on the surface. If there is a lesson to be learned by his death, it is this; people do not know how to conduct themselves properly in relationships, in short, people have just about lost their damn minds.

Statistically, black women are lacking where romantic relationships are concerned, true , but the quality of relationship most people have nowadays isn’t even something worth being involved in. Okay, you can say that a higher percentage of us have never been married when compared with other ethnic groups, but the divorce rate is steadily at an increase.  We’ve got cheating husbands, gun toting girlfriends, child murdering boyfriends, stalking ex-spouses……the list goes on and on. The way I see it men and women  need to get it together, and not just black folk.  Love is hard, probably one of the hardest human emotions to deal with. They say there’s a thin line between love and hate and that’s the real. Hard as it is though, it’s simple in the fact that some things are meant to last and some aren’t. No matter what you do, you will never be able to control someone and being in “love” shouldn’t end in bloodshed.  So I conclude that the disparaging statistics they throw out actually indicate that black women are one of the sanest, happiest, safest, and yes single, groups of women in the nation.  Maybe being single isn’t such a bad thing. Maybe the singles ones are smart enough to realize that they can do bad all by themselves.


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