Where the American Violets grow……..

I have not seen American Violet, but I am about 200% sure it will become one of my favorite movies of all time. The true story on which the film is based is one that is not new, but still needs to be told. A young black mother fights agianst the judicial system which seeks to take away the bulk of her future, for a crime she did not commit. Regina Kelly was 25 years old, when she was taken away from the restaurant where she worked as a waitress in handcuffs and held in jail two days before she was even told the charges for which she was being retained.  Ms. Kelly was one of the casualties of a drug bust that took place in Hearne, Texas November 2000. You can read about her situation with a little more detail here:

Peep the trailer…….Nicole Beharie is one to watch for sure

Now the funny thing about this film is it was released April 17th of this year to select theatres, hmmmmm. Now I’m not too sure how the process of choosing the theatres a film is released to goes, but I don’t remember it showing in Fayetteville. I don’t remember seeing promotion for it on television. I was first introduced to the film through an article I read in my Sophisticates Black Hairstyles Guide, which I cop every month. This story, to me is about as socially resonant and provocative as Crash and it’s based on actual events, so why does it seem like they’re hating on it? The film got rave reviews from most critics,but it should’ve recieved far more publicity from the mainstream media. Oh I forgot, this is the kind of stuff the mainstream media wants to keep out of the limelight…….


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