I don’t shuck n jive………

I am not a product of the plantation

I am a daughter of this nation

where it was decreed

that I am free to liberally pursue my happiness in this life

which I do

in ways they couldn’t

and I won’t go back

feel like I’m trapped in a movie

trying to move fast forward

while you’re steady pressing rewind

I left shuckin n jivin


I will not go back to being that

girl that always had to be the comic relief at her own expense

I will not change the things I say


how I choose to say them because it doesn’t fit

my racial profile

my mother taught me the difference between

ain’t aren’t are not ax and ask

in this I will not be ashamed

I am not black

I am the descendent of african slaves, fair skinned west indians, europeans

and native americans brown, yellow and red

they haven’t created a name that expresses the totality of

what I am made of and who I am

so I choose to tear up they labels

and make my own

you can’t box me

can’t mold my form

to fit your ideology

I broke every box they tried to put me into

and I will do so

time and

time again

I do not shuck and jive

I will not shuck and jive to prove to you I am less than human

I am above and beyond what you could ever expect

and my journey has only just begun

new born woman

I be seeing myself through eyes tired of weeping

and hearing myself through ears tired of knowing myself through what they

tell me I am

speaking from knowledge they have sought to destroy

since the beginning of time

rolodexed in my DNA

It will never go away this truth I know

and in this I will not be ashamed

I am the creator of nations

inspire hatred from women who smell the strength of my ancestors in me

before they even know my name

wishing they could

saunter like I samba down the street

envious of my natural rhythym that brings

kings to their knees

I know

I know that you hate me because I am

stronger and mightier than you will ever be

and I pity you

because I will not shuck and jive

to present you with the feeling of superiority you don’t possess naturally

I will not belittle myself to give you the

false perception that you are one of GODS chosen elite

and I am the unfortunate, down-trodden, deformed, outcast child

I will not shuck and jive

I do not shuck and jive

I can not shuck and jive

because it’s just not me

Words by yours truly. PEACE


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The word play you use is truly magnificent, more inspirational and positive than anything else. True wisdom comes from the quest for knowledge and your journey is one worth joining.

Comment by asappington

Thank you so much….First time i’ve posted one of my pieces, the love is much appreciated!

Comment by taeh

that was a good one KEEMA i really did like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by OAKLAND Cali

thanks homie!

Comment by taeh

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