Just a few questions…….

Is it wrong that I don’t want to watch CNN’s Black in America 2? Is it wrong that I didn’t watch the first one?

Truthfully I have no desire at all to watch because I feel CNN really can’t tell me nothing about being black in America, I’m sorry that’s just what it is. I’m also tired of all the mixed messages news specials like this send. When black people get indignant and fired up about something we perceive as an  injustice, like the Jena 6 situation or Sean Bell or any of the other slights that have deeply affected our community,it seems people come out the woodwork claiming that we’re not as seperate as we think we are, times have changed, it’s not what it looks like, you’re over reacting, we’re all equal now blah blah blah, yet CNN still finds it necessary to dedicate a special news series to the experience of the Black American? When Black folks talk about the “struggle” people tend to get upset, and I’ve personally been told things like “Black people need to stop, slavery was so long ago.” or ” At least you all are still around the Native Americans are practically extinct.” Were these sentiments ignorant? Very, but I can manage to pull a little sense from statements like these and I get the impression that other ethnic groups are increasingly becoming disenchanted with being left out the great race debate. America is not just Black and White, anymore. There used to be a time in our history where blackness and whiteness were the main criteria for which all things were judged. We have been a multi-ethnic country for a long time now. Why doesn’t CNN give us White in America or Chinese in America, Indonesian in America, Dominican in America, Korean in America, Puerto Rican in America, Jamican in America, African in America, Native American in America… see where I’m going with this. Now I’m not saying that there are not any issues facing the black community, because those within the black community know what’s up, but something about a mainstream  mega- media outlet such as CNN airing a special about them disturbs me for some reason. It gives me the feeling that we’re some exotic zoo animals or that we don’t know what issues trouble or community and can’t change them unless CNN shows us the truth, the way and the light. The “black” experience is too complex, too varied, and too multifaceted for CNN to ever portray in a way that would completely satisfy someone who strives to break the barriers that closed minded social norms have placed around me and my “experience”  everyday. It all boils down to this; this is a conversation for black america, if you’re going to attempt to have the conversation about what it means to be black in America don’t sugarcoat it or water it down, show it in all its aspects, show all the factors that contribute to the negative and positive aspects of our past, present and future existence. News outlets like CNN are too concerned with retaining an air of political correctness which must be thrown out the window if you really want to get down to the nitty gritty. The black experience involves so many other facets that CNN will not explore, like the role of the mass media in perpetuating negative stereotypes……….

Thanks for bringing my attention to this pressing issue seeing as how many black americans are too dumb and/or ashamed to know when they are suffering emotionally and psychologically and need professional help, what would we do without you guys…….

Notice how she only says black and white? And I know Ms  Obrien is supposed to be at least 50% African American but they couldn’t find nobody that looked a little bit more like the bulk of the disapora they’re talking about to narrate me through this enlightening journey? Yeah I said it…….


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you’re definitely right. My girl told me that it was a really interesting series… and although I think it’s beneficial for people (mainly ignorant people) to understand these problems, it will be in a watered down view… not only that, but there are many people that there’s just no convincing…

and I’m glad you questioned CNN… why do they want to bring up this issue so badly? something is fishy. Could it be that they just want to cater to the black audience so they can sell advertising space at the commercials which cater to black products? It’s possible.

Overall, I’d wan’t to see it… on national television… just to see how programming will go. When I was in NY, they kept playing commercials for it… something about it must be important in some retrospect.

Comment by Cola

Yeah, I guess it couldn’t hurt to watch it but overall the whole concept of a show like this just rubs me the wrong way, I don’t think I would be so upset if they did a special on every other ethnic group residing within the united states, it’s almost like reverse racism? I don’t know if that’s a good term but it’s like even though it has a good purpose, they’re still singling us out, like hey black people got so many problems we have to dedicate a news special to them. Maybe I should watch, it might not be as horrible as I think it’s gonna be….Thanx 4 stoppin by! Always appreciated

Comment by taeh

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