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July 25, 2009, 3:18 am
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Yeah so I’ve written a couple posts about my “eclectic” taste in music and the hell I caught for it growing up. There is one memory that will forever stick out in my mind. I was in 7th grade I believe and it was during this time that I was chillin with a clique of all white girls because, they were into the same music I was and I had to get in where I fit in. So anyway there was this dude who looked like O Dog from Menage 2 Society, braids and everything, who always used to joke on me with his lil homeboys whenever they got the chance.  On this day he  came up and confessed something in my ear that would stay burned in my mind for the rest of my school days.  He told me, “You know out of the group of girls you hang with your one of the coolest, and don’t tell nobody but I be likin some of that music yall listen to” Ya don’t say? I was shocked to say the least.  The funny thing about it was he said don’t tell, like he was telling me he had herpes or something. That right there gave me a new confidence in myself and how I did my thing. It validated me in the sense that I was not “weird” . I was actually someone who had it a lot better than the rest because I had the courage to be myself with no fronts. 

Now I grew up mostly listening to r&b and hip hop but I always had an ear for music and if I liked it, I liked it. I also was an TV baby, me and my pop used to sit and watch music videos all the time, so I was also exposed to everything MTV and BET had to offer, from Tupac to Marilyn Manson.  I think alternative struck a harmonious chord with me because I connected with the angst. The raw emotion of being an outcast, being misunderstood, not being part of the “in” crowd and really not giving two fucks about it. So here’s to being young, wild,  and free……..


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