July 29, 2009, 8:32 pm
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Alright, so about a week ago I posted another blogger’s post about the newest BET celebreality docu-drama Tiny & Toya. I dug the author’s sense of humor and it echoed things that I have heard from others who watched the show, so I posted it. I got some very “hearfelt” comments from two ladies in particular, going to bat like Jackie Robinson for someone you would think was a close personal friend of thiers. Funny thing is, not once did these broads click the link to read the post I was referring to in my post, they just read what I wrote, took it entirely out of context and got all indignant. Now I wasn’t going to write anything more about this subject but If you really  want something to be angry with, I must appease the public. Yes 9 times out of 10 when I see a picture of Tiny, she looks a HOT MESS. Yes you heard me right a HOT MESS. Plastic surgery does not always equal perfection and botox lips are not fooling anybody these days.  Now I didn’t come right out and say that  because the intention of my post was not to diss her, but if readers want to get heated, let me get it toasty. Tiny was and is a beautiful lady, but as of lately she has been on the recieving end of some very cruel critiques about her looks. Is that my fault? I don’t think so. Tiny chose to beome part of a television show centered on her personal life. Camera’s don’t lie and they don’t love everybody. Is that my fault? No it is not. My post is not 1/10 as critical or as vicious as some of the the other things I have read about her posted by everyday folk like myself. I found this reader comment on the young black and fabulous website …..

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“TI holds tiny down like a man loves his dog. Let me school you gals. This man is with this woman because she held him down when he had nothing. She has had his back in much the same way a dog protects his master. Half her ugly has been bought about because she has been through hell and back with this man. They have a past history of drug use among other things. He is with her because he owes her and she has been there for him in ways that most women would have said goodbye along time ago. When he was on Tyra show, he clearly wanted tyra. He stated he did not have a wife and could do as he wishes.(Who disrespects their woman on national tv?) She flaunts her ring because she knows that he has many other women besides her. Dont let the ring fool you. Aint nothing nice about this relationship. This woman has had a hard life of drugs, drinking and emotional turmoil. I counsel these type of women daily and she is no different because of the money.”

Now you want to get real. There’s some realness for you. I don’t know who this Pedro 4 Prez is but they made one of the best points that nobody can deny. Life affects looks. I’m not going to go as far as speculating on if her “going through” was specifically with TIP,  but a woman’s face doesn’t look that haggard for nothing. We are a society that places high value on outward appearances, and I hate it, but women in the spotlight of the rich and famous are judged more harshly and publically than the average chick in the street.  The bottom line is when you bring a product to the people, the people are going to give you an opinion. In the case of Ms.Tameka Cottle aka Tiny, she is the product and the public has formed opinions of her. Open and shut. The only thing negative I have to say, which I say about all female celebrities who choose to go this route, is perfectly good women need to stop jacking up the mathematics of thier faces with botox and the like. Vivica did it and took the heat, Kim did it and took the heat, hell Meg Ryan did it and took the heat so Tiny is just another in a long line. She was not the first and won’t be the last.  At the end of the day it’s all about how you feel about yourself. If Tiny loves herself and the way she looks, then more power to her because I’m all about that.





















she looks real good in the above pics……
















Notice how that top lip got all swole? Yeah I know you do. Again, plastic surgery is not a friend of everyone shoot anyone. I don’t wage war against any person, but I will go against this foolishness we do to ourselves in an attempt to “enhance”. Simply put the ladies of the entertainment industry usually have teams or at least one talented, caring, and truthful individual that makes sure they stay fly enough for the camera. I believe that everyone is beautiful, but not everyone knows how to naturally enhance what they have. In Tiny’s case I believe that is her biggest flaw, and I can say that because at one time it was my biggest flaw as well. All homegirl needs is someone to primp her into her own natural perfection. And one lady mentioned that she didn’t see any pictures of me so I can’t talk. Well, Ain’t no shame in this game hun, and on that note……I’m out


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