Adventures in Blogland Pt 1: OG’s need not apply


Why is it that the blogs that post the most irrelevant, retarded, guess who was spotted staring at a blank wall, you can read this at about 50 other sites articles get the most traffic? Call me what you want, but I really want to know. How do still shots of Rhianna sucking a lollipop manage to get over 200,000 views and 212 comments? How? I mean I can’t front like I don’t visit the sites my damn self at times, but I am rarely intrigued, enertained, persuaded or informed by what I find. For a while I was addicted to gossip mongers like Bossip, Mediatakeout, Necole Bitchie, Concreteloop and the like, that is, until I noticed they all posted the same shit more often than not on the same day.  How does one make a name for themself when one does not stand out? It seems that the fall in line formula seems to work, because the blogs pull traffic, you can’t front on that one.

I got into this game because I am a WRITER and I was told that blogging was the new medium. Newspapers, out. Magazines, so 2000. Today it’s all about the blog.  Writing is the only thing I’ve ever done exceptionally well, It’s like water for my parched soul, it resides nestled between the sacred spaces in my spirit reserved for free speech, spiritual rebellion , Spike Lee films and freak em boots. It’s more than frustrating  to hit up these wack assed cookie-cutter websites and see they’ve gotten over 1 million hits for a picture of Cassie’s pre-teen titties or over 50 views for stalker style pictures of Halle Berry running errands . Are you kidding me? Alas it’s the cruel truth that fluff pieces and filler tend to attract the attention of the masses. I guess it’s true that the minds of America’s public like to be distracted not stimulated. My critique of  Tameka Cottle’s (bka Tiny) looks got a whopping 28 views this week, and my critique of CNN’s Black in America 2? 1 view. My post about the breakdown of relations between men and women and the subsequent breakdown of the familial structure  inspired by the Steve McNair case didn’t even see the light of day. Concerning Tiny, I’m pretty sure that her cousins or sisters or other family members were policing  the web for negative press because something about that just doesn’t add up.

It’s statistics like this that can be quite discouraging to a sista, and lead me to the question; Is originality and substance respected in the realm of the blogging elite? Originality and substance in the context of what unique perspectives and diatribes do you bring to the table about the current happenings in the world. Writers are called to record this eclectic and hectic acid trip called life and all it’s hallucinations and sensations in ways that entice, engross, enrapture, and enrage. Instead this “new medium” for writers has become a cesspool of meaningless idol chatter. You won’t find none of that over here homie….. well today you will, here are five meaningless blog posts from the past couple days that got over 100 views :

Kim Kardashian leaving the club! Now that I’ve seen her in her silver and maroon jumpsuit my day is complete!

Lil Wayne’s ex wife Toya’s new boyfriend allegedly used to do what to his ex! And I care because I guess I don’t have no buisiness of my own to attend to!

Ciara didn’t pay her wig stylist! Get out!

Trey Songs had crabs and he likes porn! Well just make my day !

Look! You can see the outline of Chris Brown’s penis in his basketball shorts, kind of.

Flip it, reverse it, bring it back…’s 5 entertaining, interesting and diverse posts, that didn’t even hit 50

One blogger’s tale of going through and getting over recession depression

Remembering Shem Walker. You do know who that is right?

Fresh music from a dude you probably never heard of before

Bo Jangling for the dough?

Writing about more than Ciara’s wig piece, if you’re going to write abou a celebrity this is how you do it


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