That’s Amore……..

This weekend I will get to take part in one of the most intricate public displays of affection ever created…the wedding ceremony. My Aunt Katherine is jumping the broom with the love of her life and I couldn’t be more excited.

Aunt Kathy was the stuff of legend growing up. To me she was the pinnacle of what I wanted to be when I was an adult; stylish, effortlessly beautiful, spunky, popular and smart. I remember one particular visit, in which she returned home  with a boyfriend that vaguely resembled Dr.Dre, who took me zooming around the neighborhood on his Kawasaki. She showed me my first tattoo, which was a small rose on her upper chest, a revelation that lead to a very eye opening conversation. Upon explaining that her tattoo was located on her breastplate, I asked if her boyfriend saw her tattoo and she said yes so I then proceeded to ask her why she would show him her breastplate. My mother had to interject to make sure we didn’t proceed any further but that was my Aunt Kat, the coolest. The Aunt that was youthful enough to hold a conversation with you that made you feel like you weren’t just some stupid kid, but still maintained that sage like quality that allowed her to disperse wisdom that induced age appropriate blossoming. 

As time has moved on she has become a sucessful career woman working toward her Phd, a caring mother, and she even does a little modeling on the side. She conquered the world on her own terms and now she’s found the man of her dreams to start that new chapter with. In a world where everybody from Morgan Freeman to John and Kate Gosselin seem to channeling Pat Bennatar’s ” Love is a Battlefield”, it’s real cool to hear somebody singing a different tune………….


Some Monday Morning Funk: You don’t really wanna stop……no

Yall should already know, I keeps it funky………….

Mya ft Bun B- Show Me Somethin………

I’m posting this because I love Bun B, and Mya’s been getting it in since I was in middle school. I like their twist on one of the baddest SOS Band jams ever on Bun B’s II Trill, so I was pleased to see them doing something else together. Bun is an OG in the game and I believe Mya is one of the true underdogs, her popularity waxes on and off like the karate kid but she’s got style and heart though………..

Bun B ft Mya- Good 2 Me

SOS Band- Just Be Good To Me

Check it, dust it off, and smile……

Shhhhhh! Hold up a second….do you hear that? Ohhhhhh it’s the music GODS whispering sweet nothings in my ear. Anybody need a little inspiring? Don’t worry kid, I got you……….

Check yo self, are you on point? The answer should be all the time.

Even if you find that you are not 100 with it, don’t trip because you can always dust it off and try again.

And remember, it’s good for the soul to SMILE sometimes, even through all the rain and the pain……

Why must I work?………..
August 18, 2009, 9:35 pm
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Since I can’t think of something worthwhile to write, I’ve decided I will bless you with the art of poetry. Today’s selection is a soul stirring haiku brought to you by my dislike for my stankin’  job

Yes, I hate my job

Yet income makes me rejoice

Should I just pick 5?

Flava of the Month (maybe the year): L.A.U.S.D Curly Tops and Nautica Jackets

I know I’m mad late with this and everybody and their mama has already posted it, but give me a break, these last couple months had me going through. This mixtape dropped back in March 24th and I just downloaded it last week. One word THASHIYAT, and I’d be a fool if I didn’t post it up. I have been banging this NON STOP, and it will more than likely be in rotation the rest of the year. The other day I wrote about the appeal West Coast hip hop holds for me, and this album justifies my love. So if you haven’t given it a listen yet, please do. It’s free fool!!!!

I Dig……..

Smooth, Polyester, Diz Gibran, El Prez, Dnez, L.IV- It’s Not Right; like something off a 70’s blaxploitation soundtrack, playa playa….

El Prez, Bad Lucc- Today’s my day; hook that would make the P-Funk proud

Polyester, Miss Jack Davey, Shawn Chrystopher, Blu, Diz Gibran, Dom Kennedy- We made it 09′; samples one of my favorite SWV joints of all time

All the songs bump though, this particular one has been floating around the internet for a hot minute now but I’m posting it anyway. I heard that Carlo Rossi gets you in the zone………

Honorable Mention:

Nipsey Hussle: Bullets Ain’t Got No Names Vol 3; Nips is aight with me, the subject matter gets a little redundant but his flow is magnetic and his balance of gangsta bravado and intelligence is refreshing

I dig: The Hustle Way, Rap Music, Payback


Time of the season…….

**This is one of the first posts I ran back in April. In the beginning I was having some trouble uploading the videos, so because I strive to keep it thorough on this site I updated the post adding proper visuals**

So I’m a young old head,  ILOVE music from back in the day. Lately I’ve been hearing two particular songs repeatedly on my local radio station sampling one of the dopest songs from my favorite era. The song is Time of the Season by The Zombies and I thought the 1968 original was fresh as it was, then here comes Melanie Fiona and Mook n Fair doin what we youngins do, they flipped an olide but goodie into a newbie that’s still good. Personally, Melainie’s song is hotness but I think Mook N Fair incorporated the song more creatively. What do you think, who did it better?

Melanie Fiona- Give it to me right

Mook N Fair- Who’s your daddy

The original