Twilight Zone moment of the Day……..

Is anyone else as disturbed as I am that it is now a common form of therapeutic release to spray up public crowds with bullets? This kind of thing tends to get press for sure, any journalist knows if it bleeds it leads, but why can’t we see more in depth research and reporting on mental health in America?  Better yet, how about shedding more public light on the rising rates of gun violence?  Why are people so unhappy, and when exactly did it become plausible to take out strangers because of an intense personal dissatisfaction with they way life has been treating you?  The thing that gets me the most is that not only are folks plotting acts of small scale domestic terrorism, they’re blogging about it? Can I get a WTF?

Some interesting facts on gun violence in the United States

  • Firearms were the third leading cause of injury related deaths nationwide in 2005, preceeded by car accidents and poisoning
  • In the first 5 years of the US war with Iraq 4,000 American soldiers were killed, guns take the lives of more US civilians every 7 weeks
  • On average 46 gun suicides were committed per day for the years of 1999-2005
  • Firearm homicide is the leading cause of death for African American’s ages 1-45
  • White males comprise 40% of the US population and accounted for 80% of firearm suicides in 2005

Read the rest of the report here


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thats real cuz otherday 11year old shot himself in oakland dam

Comment by OAKLAND Cali

damn, that’s a sad thing

Comment by taeh

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