Time of the season…….

**This is one of the first posts I ran back in April. In the beginning I was having some trouble uploading the videos, so because I strive to keep it thorough on this site I updated the post adding proper visuals**

So I’m a young old head,  ILOVE music from back in the day. Lately I’ve been hearing two particular songs repeatedly on my local radio station sampling one of the dopest songs from my favorite era. The song is Time of the Season by The Zombies and I thought the 1968 original was fresh as it was, then here comes Melanie Fiona and Mook n Fair doin what we youngins do, they flipped an olide but goodie into a newbie that’s still good. Personally, Melainie’s song is hotness but I think Mook N Fair incorporated the song more creatively. What do you think, who did it better?

Melanie Fiona- Give it to me right

Mook N Fair- Who’s your daddy

The original


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I’m wondering if any members of the Zombies will be coming after Melanie Fiona for copyright infringement? That riff that plays through the entire song is definately theirs.

Comment by John Gagnon

Hmmmm i wonder, that riff is sick tho i knew it would b a matter of time before someone sampled it, isn’t there a clearance process an artist has to go through before they use someone else’s music?

Comment by taeh

yes theres deff a clearence process with sampling old songs.. dont know about mealnie fiona but MOOK N FAIR’S version is cleared & they own all rights to the record worldwide.. the zombies luv the new record

Comment by chris

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