Why must I work?………..
August 18, 2009, 9:35 pm
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Since I can’t think of something worthwhile to write, I’ve decided I will bless you with the art of poetry. Today’s selection is a soul stirring haiku brought to you by my dislike for my stankin’  job

Yes, I hate my job

Yet income makes me rejoice

Should I just pick 5?


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thats short and funny, about time u did another one just because no one makes a comment doesnt mean they arent lookin but neway lookin forward to more and i cant wait to tell ya what is happning out here its a dream come true or not but u know i always try to think postive but neway dis is CALI so ill holla. GONE

Comment by D.I. CAMERAMAN

that’s wassup, glad to hear everything is coming together for ya! Honestly, I just haven’t been inspired to write and I won’t write unless I’m inspired but I’ll tell you about that later tho, thanks for stopping by as always, hope to hear from ya soon

Comment by taeh

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