The Poets
September 23, 2009, 9:48 pm
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They come to the stage

and let their hearts and their souls erupt from their mouths and

baptise the spirits of all who will listen

I sit in the front row

head cocked half smile

stupid look on my face like


What words do you

can you

use to explain what has just taken place?

Explain the experience of the transaction between

I and They

the poets

beautiful in

infinite variants of

one true expression

the peach toned chick whose vocie saturated the air

with the gritty cadence of an old soul weary

and the cinnamon skinned sista who blew notes

like lady sings the blues

homeboy with the puka shells and

midnight locks that grazed the middle of his back

and old girl with the shoulder length curls elegantly poised in her

 high heels and delicate dress

the enigmatic veteran shouting 

Go deep poet


and calm cool collected young blood

blessing the stage for his first time

spit holy fire

meanwhile I still try to process

what has just taken place

between I and They

the poets

room full of people but I barely notice

I sit caught up in the rapture

of thier words and their voices

and behold thier faces

reading their emotions like

I’m turning pages and

I think to myself


how I wish that I could

eternally dwell in that space

where the energy of the crowd

meets that which rushes forth from the stage

pure fusion

no reason

just feeling

the transfer of emotion between I and They

the poets

nothing but kindred thoughts and feelings

like we’re i chatting via esp

or like two organisms in symbiosis who

know and want nothing more than to just let it be

like lovers who hold on to one another and wish the night would never cease

in essence 

it is transcendent transformation I seek

that seeks me

when I am with the poets



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LEARNING+EXCHANGING+CREATING+ Kinda like the first story of the last standing+ The last dream of the first to ENTER+ thnks more links+

Comment by CONCEP

thnx for taking the time to check out the link….learning, exchanging and creating indeed…..

Comment by taeh

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