Question of the Day
October 28, 2009, 10:59 am
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Just how ‘social’ are social networking sites?


Irie Muse: Movin’ Out
October 28, 2009, 12:56 am
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Sick hometown reggae rock band I stumbled across doing some research for an article. Reminiscent of Sublime…funky, chill, roots tinged, rock melodies. Once agian the 910 does me proud, Irie Muse is absolute fiyah. There’s a lot of talent out here, we have such an eclectic mix of people because of Ft. Bragg and theres a blend of musical influences originating locally and coming in from abroad that make up our soundscape, I  loves it…. btw the picture is kinda dark but the sound is crisp and clear, enjoy…….

Buttah Vid: Black Snake Moan

Bitch what!?! Res is my HOME GIRL, as my boy L Meezy would say she would be one of my ultimate best friends, I been checkin for her since ‘They Say Vision’  so why did I not know about Idle Warship???? Please forgive my lack of knowledge concerning all the sheer dopeness that has been unleasehed into the world of music, it’s been a tough couple years, I was going through some thangs and just lost all my joie de vivre…no exscuses though. I just downloaded Party Robot for the free at (LOVE YALL!!) Yes, slowly but surely, just like Stella, I am recapturing my groove…………

and for old times’ sake

What exactly is the ‘other’ black experience…..
October 27, 2009, 11:45 pm
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Photography by Phil Knott

I dig Afro Punk. Anyone who has read my post Where You Been All My Life, knows just how dear and important this movement is to me. I have been an afro-punk all my life, but it’s hard for me to explain, because honestly I feel I owe no one an explanation for what I be. I cannot explain the depths of my being to you in a mere blog post so I won’t even attempt. I will say this though, within the Afro Punk community there are no stares, there is no judgement, there are no designated ‘tests’ or ‘indicators’ that reveal the ‘authenticity’ of your ‘blackness’, there is nothing but an irreverent respect for and nuturing of the the divine individuality present in us all, there is absolute freedom from what ‘they’ think you ought to look like, sound like, move like, and listen to. That is why my soul rests easy among the legions of those who embody this lifestyle. Among them I can be a ‘real’ black woman and be Takeema, something many folk I come across attempt to make me compromise daily. 

While on the Afro Punk site, which I have just recently become a member of, I came across the post of a brotha expressing his displeasure and belief that the scene had been “hijacked by hipster scene kids”. No disrespect to him or his views but after reading I felt compelled to write. His main point of contention was that the scene is called Afro-PUNK but there was not enough focus on punk, metal and hardcore. He felt that there had been an influx of people jumping on the bandwagon just because it is now “trendy to be different and they don’t listen to rock music”   He went on to say that if this is what is was going to be”…just change the name  to Afro-funk or Afro-Electronica…” I had mixed feelings upon reading this.

I feel exactly where he’s coming from. There are those who walk the walk and talk the talk and have done so before it was  “cool”, many have been ostracized, ridiculed, and have found a solace within this community that wasn’t available anywhere else. So what do you do when you see you’re community getting further and further away from it’s origins? It’s a lot like when your favorite underground artist gains mainstream popularity and your are subjected to the slow torture of watching them conform to a new audience and eventually….sell out. I feel him on that one, I really do, but then again in a community that is the personification of rebellious freedom, why the restriction of labels?

Punk itself is rooted in the philosphy of anti-establishment and homegrown DIY ideology.  The key words are wild and rebellion.  This type of mentalitiy can be and has been manifested musically in a myriad of forms.  Blues, rock n roll,  psychedelic rock,  punk, funk, new wave, metal, hip-hop……wild, rebellious, against the grain expressions of the musical impulse. Even within the genre of “punk” there are several sub-genres, just as within the vast sea of human life no two beings are exactly the same.  The tagline on the Afro Punk site is this “Afro Punk is a platform for the other Black experience, the one we don’t see in our media D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) is the foundation.” The concept of D.I.Y. deals heavily with reliance on independent effort. Musically it referred to the idea of bands distributing thier music independently, not dealing with big money contracts and studios, doing things thier own way on thier own terms. Applying this concept to a way of life, I take it to mean that I need not look to any source outside of myself to provide me with a structure on which to base my identity.  I create myself in my own way on my own terms.

With that being said, it would be a sad thing to let elitism and exsclusivity permeate a community such as this one. The scene jacking hipsters who don’t live what they talk about will not last long because real recognizes real. I have no doubt in my mind that once the breezes of trendiness change direction, which they always do, the flakes will float off right along with it. The spirit of Afro Punk, if anything, is enriched and fortified by the diversity of those souls which gravitate towards it.  I’ll end this with the comment of a sista who replied to the brotha’s remarks….

“…….I agree the stronger emphasis at the root, is punkrock, but I can’t be mad at the rebellions of other non-pop genres against the status quo feeling at home in the AP community. I think it’s beautiful; an expansive ‘Other Black Experience’ for wavers of various kinds of freak flags. Shine on”

Working Woman: A monologue
October 25, 2009, 10:51 am
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I now have a job after being jobless for a couple months and bouncing from job to job for the  past year and some change. I can’t even front like I’m not ridiculously happy to be part of the workforce again. Being without a sense of security for an extended period of time purgers you of all egotistical tendencies. Sure the job I have is not my DREAM job, but damn if I don’t accept it and apply myself like it is. Complacency has always been one of my biggest fears. I’ve always been one to follow the far echo radiating throughout my conciousness, the voice of my god-given soul always urging me to aim higher, go farther, dream bigger. In following that voice, however, I’ve made some foolish choices, and used poor judgement. If something didn’t “appear” to be what I wanted I usually broke out, perhaps missing out on important opportunities for growth and expansion. At the same time every mistake I made was all a part of the design, I don’t regret them, it’s just that when you start to make the same mistake repeatedly, choosing to ignore the hole in the ground and knowing it’s there, a change of direction is most definitely in order. I can’t claim to know why situations transpire as they do, but I know  that wherever I am it is where I need to be, if only just to make it that much clearer to me where I don’t need to be any longer. I keep reminding myself to slow down and respect the process…..this journey can be as rewarding as the destination I’m trying to reach but I must be open to it, to learning, to evolving, to following my dreams despite all detours and traffic jams. I feel as if for the first time I am being awakened to a truth within myself that I have been searching tirelessly for, actually prolonging it’s unearthing in the process……take it easy

Buttah Vid: Rose Rouge (live)
October 18, 2009, 9:30 pm
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For all the deep house heads….and all those who just love music…one of my  favorite grooves…ten times better cuz it’s live

So lame….so so lame….

Is this what we do when we want to get noticed? We call 911 and say our child is located inside an air balloon that is quickly ascending into the high heavens? Then we coerce said child to hide in the attic, while television crews and reporters descend upon our home to document this tragic drama as it unfolds? As if the second appearance on Wife Swap was NOT enough prime time shine? This is how we stretch that dusty little 15 minutes of fame into an hour? They say these fools did it in hopes of landing a reality tv deal but now they’ve got nothing but damaged credibility and pending criminal charges…..where’s Baby Powder when you need him?

crap quality video, but you get the point though……..