Working Woman: A monologue
October 25, 2009, 10:51 am
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I now have a job after being jobless for a couple months and bouncing from job to job for the  past year and some change. I can’t even front like I’m not ridiculously happy to be part of the workforce again. Being without a sense of security for an extended period of time purgers you of all egotistical tendencies. Sure the job I have is not my DREAM job, but damn if I don’t accept it and apply myself like it is. Complacency has always been one of my biggest fears. I’ve always been one to follow the far echo radiating throughout my conciousness, the voice of my god-given soul always urging me to aim higher, go farther, dream bigger. In following that voice, however, I’ve made some foolish choices, and used poor judgement. If something didn’t “appear” to be what I wanted I usually broke out, perhaps missing out on important opportunities for growth and expansion. At the same time every mistake I made was all a part of the design, I don’t regret them, it’s just that when you start to make the same mistake repeatedly, choosing to ignore the hole in the ground and knowing it’s there, a change of direction is most definitely in order. I can’t claim to know why situations transpire as they do, but I know  that wherever I am it is where I need to be, if only just to make it that much clearer to me where I don’t need to be any longer. I keep reminding myself to slow down and respect the process…..this journey can be as rewarding as the destination I’m trying to reach but I must be open to it, to learning, to evolving, to following my dreams despite all detours and traffic jams. I feel as if for the first time I am being awakened to a truth within myself that I have been searching tirelessly for, actually prolonging it’s unearthing in the process……take it easy


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“The power of the process will determine the purity of the end product and that product will only be as powerful as the purity of the process.”–discovered by wisdom.

Great observation cousin. We can’t despise the process. You’re a gifted writer/thinker. Let’s stay connected.

Comment by Jonathan Tremaine

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