Black President = Disaster?

I remember a conversation I had with one of my favorite mentors Ms. Baker while voulunteering as her assistant in the Shaw University library. We used to get into all kinds of heavy topics, usually based in conspiracy theory. Ms. B was the only adult I could converse with about the Illuminati and extraterrestrials who wasn’t too complacent in maturity to think outside the box. She was old enough to be my grandmother and an extremely learned woman, which equpped her with a wisdom that could not be gained by study alone. She was an eye  witness to events I could only read about in my history books, as well as events that ‘they’ are content to leave buried under the rubble of the past.

During one of our lengthy chats we ended up on the subject of black presidents, the apocolypse, and movies. She spoke of being hit with an eerie feeling while watching the film Deep Impact, stricken particularly by the image of a black man having to tell the citizens of the United States they were about to experience, in essence, the end of the world. This made me think back to something I had once read on about the Illuminati and their connection to Hollywood. Sidenote,  if you visit the site(which you should at least once) check out the articles under Swine Flu Hoax/Vaccine….all I can say is DAMN, Illseed told yall.

“How do they do this? They don’t go to a film producer and say, “Oh, by the way, we’re Illuminati members and we want you to make a movie that promotes our agenda”. (Remember, they aren’t stupid, either). Instead, they will form a small investment corporation that funds movies with ideas that they like. They quietly hire actors and producers and directors and scripts, but they never mention their affiliation publicly or why they are doing this.

Money talks, and especially in Hollywood. If you have money, you can get about anything made, and they know this. They can also channel money intoadvertising campaigns, etc. for their films (how many Christian films have had major ad campaigns in the past twenty years? Very few. How many occult movies have? I rest my case).”

Now this got the wheels in my head turning a little, but what got them cranking full speed is what I noticed when I caught one of my favorite flicks Head Of State on television a couple of nights later. Am I the only one that finds it ridiculously ironic that the movie came out in 2003 but heavily references the election year 2008. I also find it strange that Black candidate Mays Gilliam(Rock) bears several similarities to Obama; being relatively unkown in the world of politics, seen as not possessing enough experience due to age, both had  low profile political positions before being elected, Gilliam was an alderman and Obama was a legislator and both have vested interests in thier cities most poverty stricken areas, South Side Chicago and DC’s 9th Ward. Similarities and coincidences aside,  it is the shady tactics that take place during the election and the underlying agenda for Gilliam being in the election in the first place that really does it for me.

Working with the assumption that the images on our movie screens are not without purpose, that they subliminally carry a message or push an agenda of some sort, why is it that when a black actor is portraying the President in most instances society as we know it is in peril or shambles.

Deep Impact- President played by Morgan Freeman, a giant meteor will strike the earth innevitably killing most of us

The Fifth Element- President played by Tom Lister Jr (Deebo!), a great evil will appear, destroy all life

Idiocracy- President played by Terry Crews (Another Friday series alum) in the year 2505 our society is comprised of nothing but idiots, hence the title Idiocracy

Left Behind: World At War- President played by Lou  Gossett Jr, the title pretty much speaks for itself, after the biblical Rapture many have been left behind in a world that is at war

2012-  President played by Danny Glover, in the year 2012 the earth as we know it will be destroyed, given all the speculation about the predictions of the Mayans and rare planetary alignments, I’ve always found it interesting that the end of Obama’s first term as President takes place in this ‘catastrophic’ year.

Along with these films, many other online sites and threads dedicated to this topic have cited the series 24 as being a member of the ‘Black presidents’ facing disaster’ club. I know I’m not the first to question Hollywood’s portrayal of Black folks in the presidency, but after seeing Danny Glover in the trailer for 2012 I couldn’ t help but think to myself, ” Really?”  I mean it is an accurate depiction given how our current president is of the darker persuasion but……..

 Are we reading too far into things? Should we just be happy that black actors are playing such powerful roles on film? Or is somebody, somewhere, trying to tell us something?


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Creepy. I never thought of it till not too long ago… And I also find it funny that they removed the video you posted as well… hhmmmmmmmmmmm

Comment by Cola

oh hell no! I gotta find another one to post up then cuz that’s just not right…..

Comment by taeh

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