You Got Played Sucka

The wools not getting pulled over these eyes, technical difficulties my ass. A  tactical mission was underway when Beyonce psyched up the masses for her ‘historic’ collaboration with Lady Gaga only to send the internet into a meltdown akin to the opening of the 7th seal when there was no video to be seen. I myself was at work while the world waited in front of computers and television screens, can’t front like I didn’t check for it when I got home though. I’ve got to hand it Beyonce, she is the lean green money making machine we call pop stardom in full effect.  This was an age old marketing strategy which was sneaky, simple, but effective. Build anticipation to generate a buzz, dissapoint to build a buzz, and double the buzz and anticipation in the process. Even those who really don’t give two expletives about Lady GaGa or Beyonce will now be compelled by forces beyond their control to watch this video when it does air. I can’t lie like I didn’t want to see it too, but it’s mostly due to the fact I’m a huge fan of Hype’s work and wanted to see what he came up with, and I did like the song enough to put it on my December 2008 mixtape.  Back to my main point, Beyonce plays her fans like Miles played the trumpet….I find her domination of pop music fascinating in regards to her business sense and ability to build her brand. I’m still waiting for the independents to overthrow the empire that is the major music labels but until then behold the power……


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