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November 8, 2009, 11:27 pm
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I love Spike Lee.  There will always, ALWAYS be room for another Spike Lee Joint on my DVD rack, that’s just it. He is the first director whose works inspired me enough to begin collecting them. However, since the moment I saw Shadowboxer, Lee Daniel’s 2006 directorial debut, I added his name on my mental checklist of dope directors to remember. That movie in my opinion is a multi-dimensional assassin flick right up there with The Professional, and that’s my joint.  Before there was Precious,  Shadowboxer opened to little fanfare and limited release in 2006. It told the story of a contract killer in a very complex situation. He and his lover, another contract killer, are hired to kill a crime boss’s pregnant wife but upon seeing her condition his female counterpart cannot bring herself to pull the trigger. Not only does she hesitate gun aimed and ready to fire, the sight of her induces her target’s labor. Not to give too much away for those who haven’t seen it, but the relationship dynamics between the two killers was very……interesting. It also features Monique in yet another role that proves her versatility and range as an actress. It is Daniel’s unique casting choices and exploration of dynamic and complicated relationships, that makes this film one with staying power.  He excites me in the respect that I believe he’s a filmmaker who masterfully blends art and life, making the most ugly parts of the human condition beautiful to watch on screen. He’s an envelope pusher who is not content in making movies with star power or mass appeal, he is one that respects the art of  film and the integrity of the art form. Not to mention his fro is bigger than his head, you gotta love that.  I’m making some room in my DVD case for Daniels. With all the praise surrounding his latest release Precious many are now taking notice, and he is definitely one to watch……………


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That i need to see

Comment by OAKLAND Cali

oh yeah, i think you’d like it

Comment by taeh

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