The Politics of Violence: Do you see what I see?

To whoever says it’s physically impossible for a female to be in a “fair” fight with a male………..

Everyone has an opinion about the situation involving Rihanna and Chris Brown. This singular incident has sparked, once agian, heavy debate about the larger issue of domestic violence. I am a student of philosophy, therefore I appreciate the art of debate. From a purely philosophical perspective, debate is grounded in logic, with both parties making valid points that can either be affirmed or denied in the realm of reason. When it comes to the subject of violence between men and women however, logic falls to the wayside. It’s an itense topic and people often get emotional. One lady on the popular gossip blog Bossip took issue with a comment that I made. In my comment I said, “No one is ever beaten without provocation, except if the attacker is just psychologically unstable…..” She said “There are women and men beat every day without provocation”, and goes on to say she finds it ‘mindblowing’ that anyone would suggest Rihanna provoked Chris Brown’s actions . Okay. Perhaps in my haste, I had to be at work in 45 min, I did not word my thoughts properly. Basically what I meant to imply was that no act of violence is without a catalyst. People keep bringing blame and fault-finding in the mix.  The nature of the catalyst for that violence is not the issue, I’m just merely stating the catalyst exists.Keeping it strictly scientific, every action has an equal an opposite reaction. Whether it be something as indirect such as a look or a gesture, or something more direct such as a comment of taunt, there is almost always something that acts a tigger for violent outbursts and acts of aggression, unless you are dealing with an attacker who is mentally disturbed and out of touch with reality. Even then, in thier minds, SOMETHING has triggered them. We live in a violent society…….that’s just what it is. The thing that annoys me about people when it comes to the subject of violence, this includes domestic violence, is they often speak in terms of how it “should” be, what we “shouldn’t” do. There’s a lot of things that we as human beings feel we “should” not do to one another based on individual concepts of morality and justice, but the fact is people beat each other to a bloody mess, or worse, every day. It doesn’t matter if you are male, female, elderly or a child, today nobody is sacred. We are all targets for extreme violence. Young men are beaten to death right outside the front steps of their schools, young girls are gang raped and beaten in dark alleys as spectators take pictures on their camera phones , elderly men are pounded in shopping center parking lots for offensive driving maneuvers, and 4 year olds are drowned and stuffed in dryers to keep them from telling someone about the molestation they endured at the hands of another child. We can sit and talk about who shouldn’t hit who all day long, but that still doesn’t address the larger issues pertaining to why our society is jacked up in ways that most don’t or refuse to accept .


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Thank. You.

Naive are the people who think a woman cannot hurt a man.
Naive are the people who think that a woman should be able to hit a man and not expect anything to happen.
For fuck sakes, these are different times… everybody’s getting more violent, not just men.

PS. well written site.

Comment by >.

thank you, that’s exactly the point I was trying to make, these are definitely different times and violence is everywhere many of us have grown up on a steady diet of violence whether it be witnessing it in or own lives or seeing it on tv….

Comment by taeh

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