Kelis is my girl……….
November 23, 2009, 5:39 pm
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Seems Kelis just released a new joint entitled ‘Acapella”. She is RIDICULOUSLY innovative and talented, yet she is one of the most underrated females in the game. True, singles like Caught Out There, Milkshake, and Bossy have garnered attention from the masses but she tends to be treated like a singles artist when in fact her albums are fire. I would know I, at one time or another, have owned them all except for Kaleidoscope. Singles like Scared Money, Keep it Down, and Have A Nice Day are perfect examples of her range as an artist. Her musical vision knows no bounds, from soulful R&B, skate-park alternative and breezy calypso to electro-clash Ms Kelis done done it all. Yet the public still sleeps, singing the praises of clones and biters while the originals remain in the shadows. I am more than glad that she has some new material out, it’s about time. If she’s Red then I’m Meth. Get emmmm……..


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