Ignorance + Herd Mentality/Politics=

My boy forwarded this video of the DC Tea Party protest/rally to me about a week ago and I just got around to watching it.  Now there’s not many things that scare me but seeing these people out there passionately protesting when they couldn’t even answer basic questions about what they were protesting against creeped me out and here’s five reasons why.

1. Even when the interviewer broke down the history of the term “Czar” as it relates to American government these  fools  fine upstanding citizens still attempted to assert an argument against Obama having Czars after essentially being logically stomped out.

2. Did you see some of those signs? God bless Glen Beck? Pelosi is a Jezebel? Obama is the AntiChrist? Palin in 2012 !?!

3. Did old boy really just say that abortion was a greater evil than Slavery? Slavery? And did he really bust out with the 12 % of the population argument? Would you like to talk about the disparities involving Blacks and the Death Penalty my brother? Probably not.

4. Take a good look at the demographic composition of the crowd, that’s all I’m going to say about that.

5. The woman that starts crying at the 5:20 mark….um yeah


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