Queen of Hearts
December 1, 2009, 11:54 am
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A truly great artist constructs a niche for themselves that, if ever void of their presence,cannot and will not be filled by any other entity than themselves. Sade Adu is the eternal torch light chanteuse, breathing life into the love song one atmospheric, spellbinding groove at a time. When I was in the fifth grade my homegirl Tanzania slipped me her cassette tape of Love Deluxe to borrow. After having the tape for a day or two, my Aunt discovered I had it and snatched it from me. She hit me with the famous “What you know about[insert artist name here]”, like eleven year olds aren’t allowed to appreciate good music. Now that I’m a little bit older I can kind of understand as I’ve found myself raising an eybrow whenever I hear my 15 year old sister singing something she couldn’t possibly understand the emotion behind, but then I remember that music transcends outward specifications like age and race and hits us somewhere dead in the center of our souls. I may not have understood completely what Sade meant when she sang ” I cherish the day, I won’t go astray, I won’t be afraid, you won’t catch me running, your ruling the way that I move……..” , but energy doesn’t need to be understood to be felt. To put it simply, I’ve always been moved by her music and from what I understand she’s blessing the world with a new LP ‘Soldier of Love’ February of next year. The title is perfection if you ask me and I have a feeling that Sade is coming to reclaim her territory, which she never really lost in the first place, with a vengeance. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again 2010 is going to be a damn good year……….


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