Photog love: Tone
December 3, 2009, 4:24 pm
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 His portraits are intoxicating. The photographer known as Tone captures the essence of his subjects with a purity that reminds me just how powerful a photograph can be. How it truly is worth a thousand, better yet, a million words. I enjoyed his entire portfolio but I have to say his portraits of Alexandra Estevez were some of my favorites. As on observer I find it fascinating how intimately his lense reacts to her image.Whatever the nature of their relationship to one another it is apparent that the artist  found the muse. Much in the same way our pupils dialate when look at something aesthetically pleasing, his portraits of her manage to reflect that widening of the senses, that flicker of whatever it is that flickers when something catches our visual interest. That is after all the goal of a good photographer, isn’t it? To convey not only context but emotion as well. There is a romanticism in these images that is as subtle as it is affecting.

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