Nikko Gray x Afta-1=Stuff you need to listen to

The goddess Nikko Gray on the microphone and the wizard Afta-1 on the beats at Strictly Social. If you don’t know about Ms. Gray you better ask somebody……

….listen to your heart, don’t listen to your mind……


Beats by Kaytradamus Celestic

Kaytradamus Celestic aka DJ KC is a hip hop/elctro/soul producer currently residing in Canada. Dude makes crazy beats and is currently not signed to any labels, indie or major. This remix for one of my favorite jams of all time is terminal. Certified dancefloor jumpoff……………

Mr. Mister [future screw remix]

The original version of this song and video was my first taste of J. Davey, and I’ve been a fan ever since. This remixed version smashes the original though. Dope visuals by Ethan Lader.

American Woman……..

I will admit, I’ve never been a big fan of Ralph Lauren. I’ve always been a partial to designers who are a bit more eccentric with their clothing designs, but Lauren’s Spring 2010 collection is the business. Ties, fitted blazers, news boy caps, vests and stilletos!? I’ve always been a little Annie Hall-ish when it comes to women’s fashion so the whole vibe of this collection is killing me softly. It’s so classic, but appropriately fresh for today’s fashion climate. Inspired by the American working class a la The Grapes of Wrath, this collection is chic yet laid back, sexy yet tough. A breathtaking visual tribute to rugged Americana elegance, check it…………

Bugged out…….
February 22, 2010, 12:47 pm
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I got a thing for trippy videos

Photog Love: Katie West

To sum it up, Katie West is dope. She’s a twenty-something year old photographer and writer from our neighbor to the north, who boasts a  bold body of work. Literally. Most of Ms. West’s photographs are self-portraits in which she is semi or fully nude, but even at her most explicit she never comes across as vulgar.  I respect her fearlessness to explore and expose herself so intimately and admire her artistic hustle. Truly works of art, her photos have been praised as revolutionary, challenging, and provacative. . As my boy Levar would say “…. you don’t have to take my word for it.”……….

Ms. West


10 Minutes

Obey The Law


You're Allowed


JR Blackwell


I was cruising Hip Hop DX this evening when I spotted a story about west coast legend Ras Kass that gave me reason to pause and suspend myself in rigorous contemplation. You can read it for yourself here, but if you’re too lazy to click and just want the annotated version, Kass is hoping  to raise the funds to produce his next CD. $ 3,800 to be exact and he would like to do that in the 60 days. Hmmmmm, very interesting. Essentially, Rass Kass is asking his fans for the monetary support which cover the manufacturing costs of his next album. A couple of spectators have been calling fouls but to be fair, this is a pretty clever concept.  Donator’s recieve special incentives depending on the amount of purchase, like a hard copy of the album once it’s completed, or free admission into any Ras Kass concert for the rest of 2010. I didn’t know this until recently but his last album was able to reach listeners by these very same methods so I guess his fans don’t mind giving up a couple of bills for their favorite rapper. Now I can’t say this doesn’t make me want to SMH just a little bit, but my disagreeance is tempered by the fact that it’s a dirty game out there and you’ve got to get it how you live. There is apparently an entire movement dedicated to ” …the plight of the endangered lyricist…” That’s really real. It’s a sad truth that  the ones who won’t sell out to the almighty dollar, the ones who see comprising their artistic integrity for profit as a no-no, and the ones with exceptional talent are all too often left out of the blinding lights of pop culture fame and fortune. However, these are exactly the same ones who are among the richest of us all, dollars and cents not withstanding. Fans have already pledged $896 dollars, about 24%, and it’s only the first day. Now that’s love….until something new drops, enjoy a throwback on me……..