On Valentines…..Reflections on love


Yesterday, as I watched well to do everyday folk swarm the mall at which I work and struggle to find a Valentine’s Day gift ‘expensive’ enough to convey the depth of thier emotions for a lover or spouse yet cheap enough to stay in line with thier budgets, I couldn’t help but think to myself…”Fools”. Was that mean, or just unapologetically honest?  Love is so much more than a Fossil watch or a brand new pair of Roca Wear Jeans or a cubic zirconia heart pendant on sale for 19.99 (while supplies last), love is………unnavailable at your local retailer, unable to be gift wrapped, cannot be scrounged up last minute. I guess everyone has thier own idea of what it is though.  As for me, at this present moment, my idea of love is home cooked lasagna cause he knows it’s my favorite, fresh garden salad cause he know’s I’m trying to eat healthy, Yellowtail Pinot Grigio cause he knows I like to sip , candle light cause he knows I think it’s sexy, some good ol’ conversation cause he knows I’m cerebral like that plus he truly digs my point of view, and knowing that someone cares just that much about the little things that mean so much to you…………

Hope all you lovers out there took the time to LOVE one another………..


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Amen to that.
Nicely put.

Comment by Jaqui

blush + =) thanx J

Comment by taeh

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