The Only Answer I Can Give Is No Answer At All
March 4, 2010, 5:14 pm
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If you frequent this little thing of mine I don’t like to call a blog, then you may have noticed as of late I have not been writing as much as I used to. I have reached a crossroads in my life that is very hard to articulate. Most of you twenty-somethings out there, and perhaps some of you who are a bit older, should feel me when I say that I have become consumed with searching for myself. I have become obsessed with identifying my passion, clarifying my purpose, and restructuring my goals to achieve those things I desire most. In a world full of endless possibilites and with an imagination full of endless dreams how do you know which ones to catch and which ones to let float away? Is it even possible to catch them all? In my head are many questions, and I’ve been searching tirelessly for answers. I’ve been looking for signs, something, anything to tell me where to enter, where to exit, what to look out for, to speed up or to slow down, to be cautious, to wait, to change directions, or to stay the course, but I’ve seen no such guides along my way. It is during these times when our eyes fail us we are forced to do the hardest and simplest of things, TRUST and BELIEVE……..

you can question my soul


you can question my soul

but it will probably just



cause you don’t know me

and I don’t owe you

and that is all

i have to


you can question my soul


you can question my soul

but it will just move

past and

forge ahead

cause the only


that I hear is

much greater than


and there are

no more words





 question my soul

question my soul

but it will probably just






I was cruising Hip Hop DX this evening when I spotted a story about west coast legend Ras Kass that gave me reason to pause and suspend myself in rigorous contemplation. You can read it for yourself here, but if you’re too lazy to click and just want the annotated version, Kass is hoping  to raise the funds to produce his next CD. $ 3,800 to be exact and he would like to do that in the 60 days. Hmmmmm, very interesting. Essentially, Rass Kass is asking his fans for the monetary support which cover the manufacturing costs of his next album. A couple of spectators have been calling fouls but to be fair, this is a pretty clever concept.  Donator’s recieve special incentives depending on the amount of purchase, like a hard copy of the album once it’s completed, or free admission into any Ras Kass concert for the rest of 2010. I didn’t know this until recently but his last album was able to reach listeners by these very same methods so I guess his fans don’t mind giving up a couple of bills for their favorite rapper. Now I can’t say this doesn’t make me want to SMH just a little bit, but my disagreeance is tempered by the fact that it’s a dirty game out there and you’ve got to get it how you live. There is apparently an entire movement dedicated to ” …the plight of the endangered lyricist…” That’s really real. It’s a sad truth that  the ones who won’t sell out to the almighty dollar, the ones who see comprising their artistic integrity for profit as a no-no, and the ones with exceptional talent are all too often left out of the blinding lights of pop culture fame and fortune. However, these are exactly the same ones who are among the richest of us all, dollars and cents not withstanding. Fans have already pledged $896 dollars, about 24%, and it’s only the first day. Now that’s love….until something new drops, enjoy a throwback on me……..


On Valentines…..Reflections on love


Yesterday, as I watched well to do everyday folk swarm the mall at which I work and struggle to find a Valentine’s Day gift ‘expensive’ enough to convey the depth of thier emotions for a lover or spouse yet cheap enough to stay in line with thier budgets, I couldn’t help but think to myself…”Fools”. Was that mean, or just unapologetically honest?  Love is so much more than a Fossil watch or a brand new pair of Roca Wear Jeans or a cubic zirconia heart pendant on sale for 19.99 (while supplies last), love is………unnavailable at your local retailer, unable to be gift wrapped, cannot be scrounged up last minute. I guess everyone has thier own idea of what it is though.  As for me, at this present moment, my idea of love is home cooked lasagna cause he knows it’s my favorite, fresh garden salad cause he know’s I’m trying to eat healthy, Yellowtail Pinot Grigio cause he knows I like to sip , candle light cause he knows I think it’s sexy, some good ol’ conversation cause he knows I’m cerebral like that plus he truly digs my point of view, and knowing that someone cares just that much about the little things that mean so much to you…………

Hope all you lovers out there took the time to LOVE one another………..

Hiding in Plain Sight……
January 25, 2010, 1:43 am
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A friend posted this on MySpace and I had to share as the scenes from “Network” in this video were highly affecting to me. The same monologue from the beginning is in the end of “Twinkle”, one of my favorite Erkyah Badu songs off the 4rth World War album.  Are they or aren’t they? Is it or isn’t it? One day we will know the truth…..shut eyes all over are opening

Me and the Devil

The true artists are coming to take back our eyes and ears….i’m loving it( and no that was not a subtle shout out to McDonald’s). The legend Gil Scott-Heron dropped a new video for “Me and The Devil” of his upcoming album I’m New Here. I’m kind of late but I dig it so I’m posting it…right on

January 24, 2010, 8:48 pm
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1. WHO will be next? Your cousin, my brother, the young man from across the street?

2. WHAT exactly does police brutality look like? The media wants to used the pc words “alleged” and “accused”  but this picture is all the proof you need that Jordan Miles was brutally attacked at the hands of the police

3. WHEN will we overthrow the system of oppression and violence protected by the badge? Will we ever?

4.WHERE has the honor and integrity of those who are supposed to “protect and serve” gone, or was their ever any honor and integrity in the occupation in the first place?

5. WHY in the hell do 3 grown men need a stun gun, closed fists, and knees to “subdue” one young man who had no weapons in his posession and has no known history of violence?

6. HOW can the three officers in question even part their lips to actually defend what they did to this young man over a bottle of…….Mountain Dew?


how things change……..
December 4, 2009, 12:51 am
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pounds and hugs

and daps

and love

and cold shoulders

when seasons change

familiar faces

shape shift

words become shorter

until pages become blank

and chapters come to an end




how things change

I wouldn’t have it any other way