Fight the Power….

” I’m not a rascist, I just don’t believe in mixing the races that way. I have piles and piles of black friends. They come to my home. I marry them. They use my bathroom. I treat them just like anyone else.”

The words of Keith Bardwell, who refused to issue a marriage liscence to an interaccial couple in Tangipahoa parish. Don’t worry he wasn’t being cruel or peabrained, he just loves the kids

” There is problems by both groups accepting a child from such a marriage. I think those children suffer and I won’t help put them through it.”

See…he only discriminates because he cares…and let’s not forget he does have piles and piles of black friends, who even get to use the bathroom in his big house. I don’t even really have anything profound to say about this except for America is getting realer everyday. This is my take on the whole 2012 ‘end times’ theory; the final battle will be between progression and regression.Our consciousness will divide us, perhaps to the point of physical war. I remember when I started studying Astrology and reading about the age of aquarius  I came to the conclusion that GOD would not come back in form, but in Spirit, through us. Some of us will embody GOD, some of us will embody the opposite of GOD and everyone will have to choose.

We can not continue to live in a society in which everyone is not afforded the right to live and love as they choose, chaos will ensue. I guess Mr. Bradwell has the right to believe what he wants to about interaccial marriage if I put it that way, but that whole “the races shouldn’t mix” rhetoric is as played out as it is ironically oxymoronic. We are all “mixed”. Race is nothing more than a social construct used to divide and conquer. Ethnic identification on the other hand differs from race in that I feel it is expressed naturally. If we were never given a label from birth I believe that we would naturally gravitate toward certain music, food, clothing,hairstyles etc. We physically manifest what is spiritually innate and that is the beauty and the mystery of individuality, of culture. I believe in Tribal Identity, I don’t think that we will ever all be the “same”, but I do believe that all parts are of equal importance to the whole. Variety enriches my life as it does the world.  If history has taught us anything it’s that where there is inequality there is oppression, where there is oppression there is suppression, where there is suppression there is rage, where there is rage there is violence, where there is violence there is pain, and pain is one of the most powerful catalysts for change. People need to get with the program, for real for real.


Spike keeps it on tha real……..

In my humble opinion Spike Lee is the epitome of what a filmmaker is supposed to be.  He is a master storyteller, creating moving poetry out of the grand spectacle we know as life. He shows the beauty in the complex simplicity of what we experience on this earth everyday. In terms of black America no other director has achieved what he has been able to,  bringing our culture in all it’s complexity so vividly to the screen. His works are testaments to our collective experience, making films that bring some of our deepest social afflictions to the light, uncensored, inspirirng introspection and daring us to question, to change. Do the Right Thing was monumental in this way.  For the 20th anniversay of the release of Do the Right Thing, Jesse Washington of yahoo news wrote a very interesting article about the issues highlighted in Do The Right Thing that still linger in the shadows today.


I wrote about this the other day. America has a sickness at it’s core. To be honest it’s not just the American citizens that suffer from this particular sickness, it’s one that affects the whole of mankind, Radio Raheem explains this problem which can be neatly summed up by two words……

Hatred is the rotten apple that seeks to spoil the bunch………Now this scene was filmed in 1989, 20 years later and this shit still hits home…….

and they said they didn’t understand why this shirt could be seen as offensive….