Brainwashed???? Give me a break…….

I will be the first to admit that I am not as politically informed as I should be. To be honest I don’t care too much for politics or government, too many grey areas. Being a writer, however, I must at least attempt to stay up to date on all things that affect the human condition and being a citizen of this country places me in a direct relationship with the minions on capital hill. I’ve written a few pieces before dealing with Barrack Obama being used as a political whipping boy, and today I find myself re-visiting this concept yet again. It seems several Republican’s are now claiming that Obama is attempting to brainwash our children. What??? According to an article on Yahoo News, the chairman of the Florida Republican Party stated Obama’s September 8th scheduled Back-to-School telecast is “…an attempt to indoctrinate America’s children to his socialist agenda…” Huh??? This is exactly what turns me off from politics. The term brainwashing is a little over-dramatic don’t you think?  Politics just isn’t politics without propaganda, of course. The president created a speech for America’s school age youth rooted in themes of quality education and scholastic commitment, and this is a bad idea? More than this being a bad idea, this is indoctrination of a socialist agenda and should be therefore banned? Really? One mother commented that she sends her children to school to be educated, not indoctrinated. I’m sorry, but I was under the impression that was exactly what the American school system was for.

Given the  statistics about the quality of education in the United States,and the gaping educational disparites affecting minority students, it doesn’t seem like much educating is going on at all. Indoctrination essentially means to instruct in ideology, principle, or a doctrine. This being said, our school system could be labled as one of the most  powerful facilitators of indoctrination in use. On average children spend more time in the school setting than they do with their parents. There’s a poster hanging on my grandmother’s wall with the title ” Everything I need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”, and I would have to say for most that’s true. We learn the principles of fairness, gender roles and identification, submission to authority, hierarchy and chain of command, and the list goes on. I guess as long as children are being indoctrinated with principles that will keep them in thier predetermined socio-ecological niche, all is well.

Barrack Obama’s “historic’ presidency is higlighting an  alarming aversion to bipartisanship. Republican’s will not be satisfied untill one of their own is in the oval office. Social security, health-care, abortion, gay rights and education become nothing more but pawns in a dirty game. Every initiative Obama attempts, no matter how noble in intention, will ultimately be turned into something villainous and evil by the opposing party, just for the sake of playing the game. I say let the kid’s hear what the man has to say, let them be inspired and provoked to make positive changes. If they are in fact brainwashed into being high-achieving, A honor roll students who care about positively impacting their social enviroments, I’m sure it won’t turn out as bad as it did in Disturbing Behavior.



Ok so I’m watching Sucka Free on MTV2, and this commercial comes on and I’m completely at a loss for words

So I’m like, yo I gotta post something about this because they can not be serious, how are they going to play Obama like that?  I then started thinking maybe I was looking too deep into the situation because not everything has to have a racial context right? Apparently, my first thoughts were right………

Where’s Chia Bush at, or Chia Kennedy, or Chia Reagan?