California Love Pt 2: 4 tha Bay
June 24, 2009, 7:19 pm
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California did not dissapoint. From the quaint suburbs of Antelope, the hills of Oakland and the city lights of San Francisco, it was everything I expected and more than I had hoped for. First off let me just say that as a Carolina girl, I rep hard for our landscape. It used to be a common saying of mine that alot of other states may have more to do but they can’t touch the beauty of Carolina’s flora and fauna. Upon returning from the west side I have to say that my thoughts have changed. If the cities I visited are any indication of what California is like on the whole, then Cali’s got Carolina beat by a long shot. I saw plants I’ve never seen before, big bushy trees with purple flowers, willows, sunburst roses, and plenty sunshine. Most of the time I couldn’t even get my camera out on time because I was too busy staring. Aside from basking in the tropicalness of it all, I was put up on some of the local culture.

My boy is from the bay and he made it a mission to show me around and let me see the city like he know’s it, not how they portray it. Now I know the Bay has a reputation as an epicenter for quality music and I got to experience the artistic and creative offerings of the Bay firsthand. I was there to witness  the birth of the Exposed Expressions Mix Show.  As it was put to me by my homie, this mixshow is just a small taste of what the whole exposed expressions movement encompasses. Reminiscent of BET in it’s heydey, the mixshow brings the viewer hip hop at it’s finest,  in it’s element. Not only do you get put on to some artists you may not have heard before, you get to experience the music,  peep live  performances, and get to know the artists through interviews. One of the key elements that makes hip hop such a valuable force in the community, in our culture, is the diffusion of knowledge from the artist to the listener. One of the most refreshing things about watching the show was the jewels some of the artists dropped on unssuspecting ears. These days it seems as far as mainstream music is concerned stupidity, foolishness and trends equals dollar signs. Things progress as they should, it’s only natural, but one should never forget the origins of a thing.  This music that we love, rap, hiphop at it’s core was about keeping it real. Bringing the truth to the public whether it be sexual, political, racial, or economical, whether it be from a brownstone in brooklyn, the projects in Los Angeles, a traphouse in Louisiana or a suburb in Texas. From what I was able to see,  the Exposed Expressions movement aims to inject a much needed dose of realness and creativity back into the main artery and you can’t help but love that.

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California Love…….
May 2, 2009, 2:09 pm
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I’m an east coast girl through and through. I was born here, raised here, and up until this point, all my travel has been restricted to the states bordering our shore. This year though, I told myself I was going to dedicate the next few years of life to seeing all the places I’ve ever wanted to see. In comes California. 

I’ve been wanting to get out there for a hot little minute now.  I had my mind made up it would be the perfect vacation spot to spend my upcoming birthday. Due to lack of funds a friend of mine was working on getting a discounted ticket for me from a connect at Southwest, but it turned out to be much easier said than done. So here comes my birthday, which is steadily approaching in June, and my bank account has yet to be on swole. Serving tables puts a little something something in my pocket, but not enough to comfortably purchase a round trip ticket across the nation and pay bills. So I was just about ready to give up on my California dreaming when I got a little piece of divine intervention.

I’ve got an Aunt who will be traveling to the lovely city of Sacremento for two weeks, including the week of my birthday, and needs someone to travel with her. Her intended travel companion had an egagegement to attend and couldn’t make it so guess who was asked to fill in….you shouldn’t have to guess that hard. I once had a friend who always used to say God works  in myserious ways. Truly. Ha, I am not ashamed at all to say I’m trippin like a kid going to the mall to sit in Santa’s lap for the first time. California is a foreign country to me. Everybody I’ve ever met who is from there makes it seem like it’s the place to be. I’ve been told I’ll love it, I’ll never want to leave it. We’ll see about that. There’s a lot Cali has to offer but I’ve managed to pin down five things that put it at the top of my list….

5. California knows how to party. Thats what Roger Troutman said, and summer of 95′ that’s all a young girl heard.

4. Marijuana is legal. They know what’s up. A little bit of greenery never hurt anybody and it has medicinal properties that counteract everything from depression to post traumatic stress disorder. I’ve heard time and time again that Cali has the best bud hands down, hmmmm……

3. This commercial

wine and food….i love wine and food

2. The beautiful people. It seems like California is just one big pot of beautiful black, brown, red, yellow, white and everything in between. Maybe it’s the climate but it seems like 2 out of 3 people from the Sunshine state are always beautiful and the odd one out is just real interesting to look at

1. Cultural healing. California is arguably one of the most ethnically diverse areas in the united states. Though racism existed nation-wide,  California was the first place in America to become synonomous with diversity, the first true ‘melting pot’. Many African- americans who found life in the harsh racial climate of the north and south too much to bear found some type of peace here . California was home to not only large numbers of african- americans but, native americans, carribeans, south americans, east asians, central asians and european idividuals as well. It’s a place with an eclectic culture and unique stories ; from the gold rush, to the Black Panther party, to the LA and Watts riots, to Castro Street, to Leimert Park to Hollywood to South Central. Its a state with plenty personality and I’ve always had this romantic notion of it being a modern-day carbon copy of it’s wild wild west beginnings. Tupac said it best …”only in cali where we riot not rally to live and die…”

Everytime I think of riding down some palm tree lined street with the wind in my hair and the sun on my back this song always comes to mind