Twilight Zone moment of the Day……..

Is anyone else as disturbed as I am that it is now a common form of therapeutic release to spray up public crowds with bullets? This kind of thing tends to get press for sure, any journalist knows if it bleeds it leads, but why can’t we see more in depth research and reporting on mental health in America?  Better yet, how about shedding more public light on the rising rates of gun violence?  Why are people so unhappy, and when exactly did it become plausible to take out strangers because of an intense personal dissatisfaction with they way life has been treating you?  The thing that gets me the most is that not only are folks plotting acts of small scale domestic terrorism, they’re blogging about it? Can I get a WTF?

Some interesting facts on gun violence in the United States

  • Firearms were the third leading cause of injury related deaths nationwide in 2005, preceeded by car accidents and poisoning
  • In the first 5 years of the US war with Iraq 4,000 American soldiers were killed, guns take the lives of more US civilians every 7 weeks
  • On average 46 gun suicides were committed per day for the years of 1999-2005
  • Firearm homicide is the leading cause of death for African American’s ages 1-45
  • White males comprise 40% of the US population and accounted for 80% of firearm suicides in 2005

Read the rest of the report here


Roses for Dae’von: When are we going to step up and start protecting our children……

The violent murder of a child, it seems, always touches a more than sensitive spot in the hearts of most people. Perhaps that’s why so many don’t watch the news today often giving the reason, ” I don’t want to see any more depressing/bad news.”  Though it’s something that we would rather not talk about, it happens, and even if you turn off your TV or your radio you can’t hide from the depravity of the world. This morning I came across the story of Dae’von Bailey on CNN’s website and it made me mad as hell. This has to stop, one way or another, we as a society have to make that choice to become more fiercely protective of our most vulnerable and precious citizens.

Whenever I see things like this it reminds me why I’m firmly and unashamedly pro-choice. Perhaps if both sides of the abortion debate put as much energy into implementing community outreach  programs and initiatives or campaigning to improve certain Child Welfare Service programs, as they do bickering, and pickiting, and whining, we can start saving lives right here, right now.  It’s controversial to say, I know, but I hold fast to the belief that not every child that’s conceived was meant to be born. The process of abortion is nothing compared to being decapitated ,burned alive or beaten to death.

There are many who believe that every child conceived is a blessing, a gift from the heaven’s above. Okay I feel you on that note, but riddle me this Batman, if every child that is conceived is a gift, what if the recipients of that gift aren’t exactly in the recieving mood? What if the recipients of that gift, don’t want it, but don’t want anyone else to have it. What if the recipients of that gift do it like we do some ugly sweater Aunt Bertha knits for Christmas, smile in everyone’s face when  it’s recieved and toss it in the closet to be forgotten when they get home. The children are not the problem, it’s us. Children are gifts, but we can’t deny that our bodies are more than just spiritual vessels.  All it takes is one sperm, one egg and 5 minutes for a child to be concieved. That 5 minutes could be with someone that you love and cherish, someone you met in a druken stupor at a bar, a stranger who attacks you in the middle of the night,  get my drift?  

  Perhaps I shouldn’t judge Dae’von’s mother, but my empathy, sympathy and kindness is running a little on low today so forgive me.Why would a mother give a man with a two decade long criminal history, including rape, custody of her young son and daughter? I am tired, sick and tired of adults laying down and creating lives without wanting or being able to take responsibility for them. Rather than pull it together, they dump children off onto elderly grandparents, let them become wards of the state or push them off on others just as unfit as themselves. I am sick and tired of adults taking out whatever frustrations or anger they may have on the bodies of the small and defenseless. I am sick and tired of hearing about ” I was abused as a child”, “Time’s got hard”,  “I did the best I knew how”. Bullshit. I have no sympathy for tired ass exscuses from dead beat parents. If you grew up in a jacked up enviroment then you should already know, sometimes you’ve got to learn to do better than you know how. You can learn anything, if you are willing and if you’re motivated enough. The future and well being of the life that you took part in creating should be all the motivation you need. Why does it seem like parents are just finding more exscuses to justify irresponsible behavior?

 I wanted to write something that would provide some answers or inspire a change. The truth is there’s only so much one person can do or say and this problem is so much bigger than that. I hope that in his brief existence Dae’von experienced more joy than heartache and I hope that his death becomes a catalyst for a change, a spark that lights a fire inside the heart of a society, desensitized and silent. What if Dae’von was your cousin, or your son, or the little boy that waves to you from across the street? When will enough be enough?