Some Monday Morning Funk: You don’t really wanna stop……no

Yall should already know, I keeps it funky………….


West Coast Earsthetics……..

Last night I was on the phone with my homie and we got on the subject of hip hop, mainly east coast vs west coast style. My girl maintains there’s nothing like east coast hip hop, while I had to argue for the latter. Now I grew up on the east cost, dirty south if you want to get technical, but if I was forced at gunpoint to choose a region to roll with I’d have to say the wild wild west. My love affair  began in the early and mid 90’s when the g-funk sound captivated the nation. Don’t get me wrong though, good hip-hop is good hip-hop no matter where it comes from, and the east definitely put it down, but I have somewhat of a spiritual connection to west coast orchestration. It may be the heavy reliance on the musical structure of old school funk , soul and R&B, or the fact that Geroge C and the P funk are the staple of my musical diet that places west coast production so high on my list. There’s something to love about hip hop from all over the globe, so don’t trip, but if you had to choose what would you say?

Here’s 3 of my top choice old school funk/soul joints and the west coast bangers that sampled them

Bootsy Collins- Munchies for your love. I would have to say this song is probably one of my favorite songs ever recorded so I’m posting two sampling joints.

sampled by

Tupac- Runnin (original)

also by Kokane- No Pain No Gain


Zapp IV- Computer Love

sampled by

Celly Cell- It’s Goin Down

Parliament Funkadelic- (Not Just) Knee deep

sampled by

Digital Underground- Kiss You Back

Afternoon funk…….
May 5, 2009, 11:25 am
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She’s the kind of person everybody knows, she reeks distinction from head to toe…..that’s me baby, I swear this is my theme song when I’m cruisin 4 qt’s

Jaames Brooown, Jaames Brooown……..this junk is timelessly hype