Have the style, feel the ghetto…….


“Looking at it now, you’d realize that having that ghetto hairstyle is more than a fashion statement or a way of making heads turn your way. These hairstyles are more of a social movement—just done in a fashionable way. In one way or another, this has helped the women’s movement by making them noticeable. So feel proud of the next girl who’s rocking that ghetto hairstyle!”

 Those are their words not mine…….

While surfing the web, I came across this jewel of a site. It reads like it was written by someone who is either very skilled at passive agressive racist tactics or is just plain backwoods I-live-under-a-rock dumb.  Peep their list of the 10 most popular “ghetto” nicknames, as they put it, no “ghetto” makeover is complete without one.  Pitino? Lucreasia? JonTonae?  I don’t think so. To be honest I’m sick to death of hearing the word ghetto, because these days people let it slip out thier mouth too often, and when it’s said, most of the time, it’s not even in the right context. Concerning elaborate hairstyles,  if you’ve ever seen a picture of the traditional hairstyles women wear in some of the African and Asian countries they are very similar to what some so called “ghetto” American women wear today. They are architectural, colorful and all around fly as hell……….

Learn about culture kids……………