Illuminati population control………….

I just got a message from my homie Cristyl who really wanted me to share a news story she came across on a website by the name of There is in fact a cure for HIV/AIDS, yet millions are being infected worldwide and millions are dying worldwide because of this “incurable” virus. Magic Johnson? Yeah, so if you are into conspiracy theories, then you already know that the government created this very same virus that they claim to be working so tirelessly to combat. Check the story here,

In this article they state that this newfound remedy “appears” to be the first case of a HIV/AIDS virus in the world, “appears” is definately the key word here, as I believe that a cure has existed since the beginning of the outbreak. Swine Flu? Yeah they did that one too. 

check out this video on the homie illseed’s blog,

I’m too tired to go there with Uncle Sam today but this ain’t over though……

In the mean time, let Bone Thugs n Harmony school you on just how jacked up the motivations of our “government” truly are

“Conspiracy Theory

call it HIV

took my mentor Eazy-E………”

Shout out 2 Cristyl, 4 hippin me to the article!!!!!!


Daily Jewelz……..
June 29, 2009, 11:23 pm
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When I refer to a jewel I am referring to; any written or verbalized expression that has the potential to stimulate the brain, access a higher mode of thought, expand conciousness, and impart wisdom ………………..peep it

Burning Bush by: Lion of Life

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