Slap City!!!!!!!

Last month I traveled to lovely Sacramento, California and got in touch with an old friend who put me up on the Exposed Expressions movenment. I got to view the  Slap City Mix Show dvd still in post production stages and it was fire. Fast forward, everything that needed to be tweaked has been tweaked and the finished product is ready for consumption. If you’re hungry for fresh hip hop then you need look no further. The show is going to be broadcasted on the internet, and you can watch it here

Show Times:

7/29-  4pm pdt/ 7pm edt,  7:30pm pdt/10:30 edt, 9:30pm pdt/12:30am

8/1-    5:30 pm pdt/8: 30pm edt

8/5-   4pm pdt/7pm edt

8/6-    9:30pm pdt/ 12:30am edt

8/8-    5:3opm pdt/ 8:30pm edt

For all other inquiries about the Exposed Expressions Network of how/where to purchase the dvd hit them up here

A lil taste for ya….


Afro Punk: 2009!!!!!!!!!!…….


Yo, yall know ya girl is an afro punk at heart, the festival has came and gone and I missed it, sad face. I swear I’m going to be there next year and even though I’m moving out to Californ-I-A( yeah baby!)  I WILL make that trip cross country, trust and believe. For your viewing pleasure, some knock down, drag out, dope azz performances……….

THAT VOICE!!!!! She’s signed to Bad Boy, i’m gonna need someone to whisk her away immediately, before she ends up like the rest of P. Shitty’s outcasts

Look at my girl Zoe Kravitz rockin out like her daddy, i ain’t mad at her she definitely gets it from her mama……

Yo!!!!!! You better sing that Montell Jordan

This brotha is the truth, true ARTIST. Saul is my dude….

These dudes go hard…..this is my jam too

I’ve never heard of her before, but chick is bad tho

These young gentlemen right here is the bizness, nuff said