Ignorance + Herd Mentality/Politics=

My boy forwarded this video of the DC Tea Party protest/rally to me about a week ago and I just got around to watching it.  Now there’s not many things that scare me but seeing these people out there passionately protesting when they couldn’t even answer basic questions about what they were protesting against creeped me out and here’s five reasons why.

1. Even when the interviewer broke down the history of the term “Czar” as it relates to American government these  fools  fine upstanding citizens still attempted to assert an argument against Obama having Czars after essentially being logically stomped out.

2. Did you see some of those signs? God bless Glen Beck? Pelosi is a Jezebel? Obama is the AntiChrist? Palin in 2012 !?!

3. Did old boy really just say that abortion was a greater evil than Slavery? Slavery? And did he really bust out with the 12 % of the population argument? Would you like to talk about the disparities involving Blacks and the Death Penalty my brother? Probably not.

4. Take a good look at the demographic composition of the crowd, that’s all I’m going to say about that.

5. The woman that starts crying at the 5:20 mark….um yeah



william-joseph-colvindomesticviolenceWhy does a a person stay with someone who has repeatedly been violent towards them? Why does a person stay with a someone who is so temperamental, so argumentative that they are moved to act with extreme aggression towards them? Why does ‘love’ seem to hurt more than it heals?  Why is everyone acting like this is something new? These are the things I think about when faced with the media’s obsession with the events that transpired between Robin Fenty and Chris Brown the night of February 8, 2009. I have always believed that whatever happened in that car, they were both as much to blame as they were both victims. The best of friends for 6 years and lovers for 2, the public will never be able to understand what got them to the place of bruised faces and probation. I would love to see 20/20 go in depth with Brown, but we all know that will never happen. The media is definitely biased and the public has been conditioned to empathize with the female in these types of situations.

It is naive and archaic to think that a man won’t hit a woman. I say this knowing full well that most will persecute me for saying so, but I don’t feel sympathy for women who hit men and then get hit back. I am in no way speculating that Fenty struck Brown first, as many have, but I am merely making the point that in this day and age the same old rules do not apply. When it comes to male on female violence younger generations regard it much more differently than their elders. There are several females I know, myself included, who are not afraid to fight a man. They take no issue in breaking somebody off with a jab, jab, upper cut, left hook combo no matter whether they be of the same or opposite sex.  In a survey taken during March of this year by the Boston Public Health commission 44% of the 200 12-19 year old youths surveyed said fighting(as opposed to arguing) was a NORMAL part of a relationship. Interestingly enough, the older gentlemen who wrote the post critiscizing the results of the poll could not wrap his head around why the youth thought this way. We live in a hyper sexual, hyper violent society in which the ages of victims as well as perpitrators of rape, assault, and murder just gets lower and lower. We see examples everyday on our television screens of what mishandled emotions cause people to do to one another. Among the youth, it is often said, emotions run wild.

For many of us domestic violence is just a fact of life. Many a young woman I know, myself included,  knows first hand what happens when a woman cowers at the site of a raised hand or balled fist, and many aren’t going out like that. Many young men I know have grown up with a woman internally scarred from domestic abuse attempting to TEACH them how to be a man. The only thing I found shocking when the story broke was how shocked the nation seemed to be. This type of thing literally happens every day, every 9 seconds to be exact. It is time to start exploring the WHY with as much passion and vigor as we discuss the WHAT. Despite the popular rationalization “It is never okay for a man to put his hands on a woman ever” flying out of the mouths of Oprah and your next door neighbor alike, WHY does a physical assault on a woman at the hands of an intimate partner take place every 9 seconds in this country, WHY will 25% of women be physically assaulted by an intimate partner in her lifetime, WHY are 1.3 million women an 835,000 men physically assaulted by an intimate partner each year? It’s naive and sexist to think the abuse of a female is somehow more important or severe than the abuse of a man.

There is something that I found very striking as I watched Rihanna’s interview on 20/20 this evening. She made a statement almost identical to a statement Brown made in his interview with Larry King. Both said that as children they were afraid to go to sleep at night for fear of what would happen to thier mothers at the hands of the men in their lives. It is a profound link, the shared experience of being children reared amidst the turmoil of domestic violence, that tells more about what happened as they drove home that night than any interview they will ever give. Watching her, I saw a young woman still trying to make sense of the situation. I saw a young woman dealing with the enourmous weight of super stardom who felt the pressure to satisfy the public and set the record ‘straight’ in order to keep her image intact and her empire from crumbling around her. I don’t believe we got the full scope of what happened between them, and I don’t think we ever will. 

 Domestic violence, especially today, is not as one sided as most would like to believe. It is a complex situation having many layers, that most of us just don’t have the time or patience to peel away. I think that it was a bad move on the part of the media to get any further involved in this situation than they already have.  It seemed as if 20/20 was looking at this 21 year old  to shed light on a situation that has plagued society for decades, centuries. As much as she may want to fill  that role Rihanna can’t and won’t be the Golden Child for the decline of domestic violence. She did not say anything we have not heard before ; if it happened to me it can happen to anyone, F love, and love is blind.  Eve told us love was blind back in 99′. Halle let us know in 2004 if it can happen to one of the most beautiful, successful and powerful women on the planet it could happen to us. Tina said F love when she released the timeless jam ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’. I’m not trying to take anything away from what Rihanna has experienced and the good she is trying to make of it, but when it comes to domestic violence, as a society we have been so obsessed with the WHO and the WHAT. Can we get down to the WHY?

You Got Played Sucka

The wools not getting pulled over these eyes, technical difficulties my ass. A  tactical mission was underway when Beyonce psyched up the masses for her ‘historic’ collaboration with Lady Gaga only to send the internet into a meltdown akin to the opening of the 7th seal when there was no video to be seen. I myself was at work while the world waited in front of computers and television screens, can’t front like I didn’t check for it when I got home though. I’ve got to hand it Beyonce, she is the lean green money making machine we call pop stardom in full effect.  This was an age old marketing strategy which was sneaky, simple, but effective. Build anticipation to generate a buzz, dissapoint to build a buzz, and double the buzz and anticipation in the process. Even those who really don’t give two expletives about Lady GaGa or Beyonce will now be compelled by forces beyond their control to watch this video when it does air. I can’t lie like I didn’t want to see it too, but it’s mostly due to the fact I’m a huge fan of Hype’s work and wanted to see what he came up with, and I did like the song enough to put it on my December 2008 mixtape.  Back to my main point, Beyonce plays her fans like Miles played the trumpet….I find her domination of pop music fascinating in regards to her business sense and ability to build her brand. I’m still waiting for the independents to overthrow the empire that is the major music labels but until then behold the power……

So lame….so so lame….

Is this what we do when we want to get noticed? We call 911 and say our child is located inside an air balloon that is quickly ascending into the high heavens? Then we coerce said child to hide in the attic, while television crews and reporters descend upon our home to document this tragic drama as it unfolds? As if the second appearance on Wife Swap was NOT enough prime time shine? This is how we stretch that dusty little 15 minutes of fame into an hour? They say these fools did it in hopes of landing a reality tv deal but now they’ve got nothing but damaged credibility and pending criminal charges…..where’s Baby Powder when you need him?

crap quality video, but you get the point though……..

Brainwashed???? Give me a break…….

I will be the first to admit that I am not as politically informed as I should be. To be honest I don’t care too much for politics or government, too many grey areas. Being a writer, however, I must at least attempt to stay up to date on all things that affect the human condition and being a citizen of this country places me in a direct relationship with the minions on capital hill. I’ve written a few pieces before dealing with Barrack Obama being used as a political whipping boy, and today I find myself re-visiting this concept yet again. It seems several Republican’s are now claiming that Obama is attempting to brainwash our children. What??? According to an article on Yahoo News, the chairman of the Florida Republican Party stated Obama’s September 8th scheduled Back-to-School telecast is “…an attempt to indoctrinate America’s children to his socialist agenda…” Huh??? This is exactly what turns me off from politics. The term brainwashing is a little over-dramatic don’t you think?  Politics just isn’t politics without propaganda, of course. The president created a speech for America’s school age youth rooted in themes of quality education and scholastic commitment, and this is a bad idea? More than this being a bad idea, this is indoctrination of a socialist agenda and should be therefore banned? Really? One mother commented that she sends her children to school to be educated, not indoctrinated. I’m sorry, but I was under the impression that was exactly what the American school system was for.

Given the  statistics about the quality of education in the United States,and the gaping educational disparites affecting minority students, it doesn’t seem like much educating is going on at all. Indoctrination essentially means to instruct in ideology, principle, or a doctrine. This being said, our school system could be labled as one of the most  powerful facilitators of indoctrination in use. On average children spend more time in the school setting than they do with their parents. There’s a poster hanging on my grandmother’s wall with the title ” Everything I need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”, and I would have to say for most that’s true. We learn the principles of fairness, gender roles and identification, submission to authority, hierarchy and chain of command, and the list goes on. I guess as long as children are being indoctrinated with principles that will keep them in thier predetermined socio-ecological niche, all is well.

Barrack Obama’s “historic’ presidency is higlighting an  alarming aversion to bipartisanship. Republican’s will not be satisfied untill one of their own is in the oval office. Social security, health-care, abortion, gay rights and education become nothing more but pawns in a dirty game. Every initiative Obama attempts, no matter how noble in intention, will ultimately be turned into something villainous and evil by the opposing party, just for the sake of playing the game. I say let the kid’s hear what the man has to say, let them be inspired and provoked to make positive changes. If they are in fact brainwashed into being high-achieving, A honor roll students who care about positively impacting their social enviroments, I’m sure it won’t turn out as bad as it did in Disturbing Behavior.

Haters everywhere he go………..


Is it just me or does it seem like the powers that be will not stop until they reduce Obama and his historic presidency to a mere joke in the sidelines of popular culture. I wasn’t going to post anything about this nonsense here but when my eyes were assaulted by this story on Yahoo’s homepage I couldn’t help but notice how much of a fool the media at large is making of Obama. He’s become like that foreign exchange student in high school that everybody wants to get to know and is real interested in, because he’s from another country and all, and then once the novelty wears off he’s demoted to just another nobody you shove your way past in the hallway. If his election is supposed to mean we’ve taken one step forward as a nation, stories like this are our two steps back. Not only did the media have a field day with this bull( try googling Obamas mom jeans)they even questioned him about his fashion choices and prompted him to defend himself. Really? And this isn’t the first time they’ve got at dude for his so called “frumpy” choices in denim. Oh get a life, for real  for real. There’s much more worthwhile stuff to deal with honestly. It makes we wonder what kind of jeans  they want him to wear……….














maybe  an ensemble like this would’ve been more socially appropriate or…….










maybe something a little more like this, with complimentary day-glo graffiti hoodie and fitted cap? What the hell is going on, am I the only one who feels like this is some old twilight zone sanctioned foolishness? Like was what he wore any worse than this dudes choice in attire…















or his…..












Just a few questions…….

Is it wrong that I don’t want to watch CNN’s Black in America 2? Is it wrong that I didn’t watch the first one?

Truthfully I have no desire at all to watch because I feel CNN really can’t tell me nothing about being black in America, I’m sorry that’s just what it is. I’m also tired of all the mixed messages news specials like this send. When black people get indignant and fired up about something we perceive as an  injustice, like the Jena 6 situation or Sean Bell or any of the other slights that have deeply affected our community,it seems people come out the woodwork claiming that we’re not as seperate as we think we are, times have changed, it’s not what it looks like, you’re over reacting, we’re all equal now blah blah blah, yet CNN still finds it necessary to dedicate a special news series to the experience of the Black American? When Black folks talk about the “struggle” people tend to get upset, and I’ve personally been told things like “Black people need to stop, slavery was so long ago.” or ” At least you all are still around the Native Americans are practically extinct.” Were these sentiments ignorant? Very, but I can manage to pull a little sense from statements like these and I get the impression that other ethnic groups are increasingly becoming disenchanted with being left out the great race debate. America is not just Black and White, anymore. There used to be a time in our history where blackness and whiteness were the main criteria for which all things were judged. We have been a multi-ethnic country for a long time now. Why doesn’t CNN give us White in America or Chinese in America, Indonesian in America, Dominican in America, Korean in America, Puerto Rican in America, Jamican in America, African in America, Native American in America… see where I’m going with this. Now I’m not saying that there are not any issues facing the black community, because those within the black community know what’s up, but something about a mainstream  mega- media outlet such as CNN airing a special about them disturbs me for some reason. It gives me the feeling that we’re some exotic zoo animals or that we don’t know what issues trouble or community and can’t change them unless CNN shows us the truth, the way and the light. The “black” experience is too complex, too varied, and too multifaceted for CNN to ever portray in a way that would completely satisfy someone who strives to break the barriers that closed minded social norms have placed around me and my “experience”  everyday. It all boils down to this; this is a conversation for black america, if you’re going to attempt to have the conversation about what it means to be black in America don’t sugarcoat it or water it down, show it in all its aspects, show all the factors that contribute to the negative and positive aspects of our past, present and future existence. News outlets like CNN are too concerned with retaining an air of political correctness which must be thrown out the window if you really want to get down to the nitty gritty. The black experience involves so many other facets that CNN will not explore, like the role of the mass media in perpetuating negative stereotypes……….

Thanks for bringing my attention to this pressing issue seeing as how many black americans are too dumb and/or ashamed to know when they are suffering emotionally and psychologically and need professional help, what would we do without you guys…….

Notice how she only says black and white? And I know Ms  Obrien is supposed to be at least 50% African American but they couldn’t find nobody that looked a little bit more like the bulk of the disapora they’re talking about to narrate me through this enlightening journey? Yeah I said it…….