Spike keeps it on tha real……..

In my humble opinion Spike Lee is the epitome of what a filmmaker is supposed to be.  He is a master storyteller, creating moving poetry out of the grand spectacle we know as life. He shows the beauty in the complex simplicity of what we experience on this earth everyday. In terms of black America no other director has achieved what he has been able to,  bringing our culture in all it’s complexity so vividly to the screen. His works are testaments to our collective experience, making films that bring some of our deepest social afflictions to the light, uncensored, inspirirng introspection and daring us to question, to change. Do the Right Thing was monumental in this way.  For the 20th anniversay of the release of Do the Right Thing, Jesse Washington of yahoo news wrote a very interesting article about the issues highlighted in Do The Right Thing that still linger in the shadows today.


I wrote about this the other day. America has a sickness at it’s core. To be honest it’s not just the American citizens that suffer from this particular sickness, it’s one that affects the whole of mankind, Radio Raheem explains this problem which can be neatly summed up by two words……

Hatred is the rotten apple that seeks to spoil the bunch………Now this scene was filmed in 1989, 20 years later and this shit still hits home…….

and they said they didn’t understand why this shirt could be seen as offensive….


Sleepaway Camp: 1 for the DVD collection……
April 25, 2009, 9:58 pm
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Let me start out by saying I am a horror movie FREAK. If I could, I would watch them all day every day. I love movies in general but if I had to choose a genre, it would be horror hands down. Ask my pops. One of my earliest horror memories is watching Pet Semetary 2 with my little brother. I was like 8 at the time so that puts my brother at about 3. It was on some scene where dude’s face was melting off and my dad walks in the living room, takes one look at the screen and asks, “What is wrong with yall?” That still makes me smile till this day. I digress though. It takes a certain type of humor to appreciate the cinematic gems known as the Sleepaway Camp trilogy. I was channel surfing late one night and ended up on Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland.  I though the description sounded alright so I figured I’d give it a shot. I came in on this scene right here and I damn near peed my pants.

 I stayed up until 3 just to see the end, and I own all the movies. It’s like the perfect blend of comedy and horror. It’s creeps you out, it’s kinda grotesque but it’s funny as hell. I also think Angela, the killer, is one of the most memorable slasher goons ever brought to film.The original Sleepaway Camp is hailed as a cult classic but, I didn’t think it was all that. It’s a creepy little story where we are first introduced to Angela. We are shown how she becomes a killer and given her motives for doing so.  To look at the film from a critics perspective, the plotline, and character developments aren’t too bad. The camera direction also does an on par job providing genuinely eerie images.  The film looses me mostly with it’s slowness,  all these special effects and camera tricks nowadays have me a little spoiled.  While the first film has a heavier tone, the second and third installments were created distinctly to rival the flicks on the 80’s slasher movie scene. If you’re  a horror fan, like to smoke bud, a movie junkie, or just someone who appreciates odd humor you can probably dig this. For you’re viewing pleasure; one of the nastiest ways you could possibly be put to death, by outhouse.