Yo can I get a sweet tea and some extra hush puppies with that?



one time for the most consistent, most signifigant

Peace, prayers, and love brotha……

Mr. Mister [future screw remix]

The original version of this song and video was my first taste of J. Davey, and I’ve been a fan ever since. This remixed version smashes the original though. Dope visuals by Ethan Lader.

If you ain’t scared…….

then jump.

Me and the Devil

The true artists are coming to take back our eyes and ears….i’m loving it( and no that was not a subtle shout out to McDonald’s). The legend Gil Scott-Heron dropped a new video for “Me and The Devil” of his upcoming album I’m New Here. I’m kind of late but I dig it so I’m posting it…right on

I love you Dom

Yo, Dom Kennedy is officially in my top 10 MC’s of all time…already and he hasn’t even really started yet. My mouth dropped when I found out 25th Hour was his first official mixtape and why was Future Street Drug Sounds one of the DOPEST lp’s out last year? Dude is RIDICULOUS, something about him kind of reminds me of Ghostface…I think it’s the way he doesn’t force his flow yet never looses his prescence lyrically. Can’t wait for him to drop an official album. Found this video for “Who Rollin Wit Me” which seems like it came from a work released before 25th hour. His production choices are as dope as he is…..he freaks a sample from”Night Fever” by the BeeGees in this one….ridiculous.

check his site and download if you haven’t already

Where was Oprah at?

The video for Michael Jackson’s Liberian Girl is one of the most randomly star studded things I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t tell if I was watching a music video or a two hour special episode of Matlock. Video aside it is one of my favorite instrumentals thanks to Quincy Jones and his genius. On another note, every time I hear this song I tend to think fleetingly of Oprah Winfrey who found out on the PBS special African American Lives that she is descended from the Kpelle tribe of  central Liberia.  As I watched I was looking for her thinking to myself  how are you going to have a video for a song about a Liberian girl, with no Liberian girls? Malcolm Jamal Warner, Jasmine Guy, Blair Underwood….where was you at Op?  Technically she wouldn’t have known she was Liberian back in 87 anyway but it would’ve worked itself out in the end. Yall remember the MC Lyte joint that sampled this on the Sunset Park soundtrack? I think one of the reasons I most love hip hop is because it connects us to the musical legacies of generations that have passed yet it is entirely unique and progressive in it’s interpretation of them. Watch…….