January 24, 2010, 8:48 pm
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1. WHO will be next? Your cousin, my brother, the young man from across the street?

2. WHAT exactly does police brutality look like? The media wants to used the pc words “alleged” and “accused”  but this picture is all the proof you need that Jordan Miles was brutally attacked at the hands of the police

3. WHEN will we overthrow the system of oppression and violence protected by the badge? Will we ever?

4.WHERE has the honor and integrity of those who are supposed to “protect and serve” gone, or was their ever any honor and integrity in the occupation in the first place?

5. WHY in the hell do 3 grown men need a stun gun, closed fists, and knees to “subdue” one young man who had no weapons in his posession and has no known history of violence?

6. HOW can the three officers in question even part their lips to actually defend what they did to this young man over a bottle of…….Mountain Dew?



Question….well a couple actually
December 1, 2009, 2:08 pm
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When the police shoot to kill is it still considered murder? If so then why don’t they just say that instead of trying to make it sound politically correct or implying there was no choice but to use deadly force?  Is not a shot to the kneecaps or thigh or shoulder just as debilitating as a slug to the chest or gut? Why don’t they utilize rubber bullets or other types of weapons which effectively neutralize without killing? If the object is to shoot to wound, is it necessary to fire several rounds?  Many regard abortion as legalized murder so why does it seem like nobody is as fired up to put a stop to institutionalized murder, like the death penalty? Could it be that some lives hold more value than others?

November 5, 2009, 12:15 pm
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Watch this, then answer the question

Do wealthy white men travel to impovrished and war torn areas to solicit sex from children and young teens because

a. It is a product of the historically documented european obsession with the percieved sexual prowess of the natives of ‘exotic’ nations that is so superior to thier own they are willing to pay for the experience thus perpetuating a sexual inferiority complex?

b. They take pleasure and find power in the fact that they are able to ‘purchase’ someone who is both younger and of lower economic status than themselves thus perpetuating a economic superiority complex?

c. It has been happening for centuries and is rationalized by the biological male urge to mate with a nubile partner

d. Both a & b

e. all of the above