Fight the Power….

” I’m not a rascist, I just don’t believe in mixing the races that way. I have piles and piles of black friends. They come to my home. I marry them. They use my bathroom. I treat them just like anyone else.”

The words of Keith Bardwell, who refused to issue a marriage liscence to an interaccial couple in Tangipahoa parish. Don’t worry he wasn’t being cruel or peabrained, he just loves the kids

” There is problems by both groups accepting a child from such a marriage. I think those children suffer and I won’t help put them through it.”

See…he only discriminates because he cares…and let’s not forget he does have piles and piles of black friends, who even get to use the bathroom in his big house. I don’t even really have anything profound to say about this except for America is getting realer everyday. This is my take on the whole 2012 ‘end times’ theory; the final battle will be between progression and regression.Our consciousness will divide us, perhaps to the point of physical war. I remember when I started studying Astrology and reading about the age of aquarius  I came to the conclusion that GOD would not come back in form, but in Spirit, through us. Some of us will embody GOD, some of us will embody the opposite of GOD and everyone will have to choose.

We can not continue to live in a society in which everyone is not afforded the right to live and love as they choose, chaos will ensue. I guess Mr. Bradwell has the right to believe what he wants to about interaccial marriage if I put it that way, but that whole “the races shouldn’t mix” rhetoric is as played out as it is ironically oxymoronic. We are all “mixed”. Race is nothing more than a social construct used to divide and conquer. Ethnic identification on the other hand differs from race in that I feel it is expressed naturally. If we were never given a label from birth I believe that we would naturally gravitate toward certain music, food, clothing,hairstyles etc. We physically manifest what is spiritually innate and that is the beauty and the mystery of individuality, of culture. I believe in Tribal Identity, I don’t think that we will ever all be the “same”, but I do believe that all parts are of equal importance to the whole. Variety enriches my life as it does the world.  If history has taught us anything it’s that where there is inequality there is oppression, where there is oppression there is suppression, where there is suppression there is rage, where there is rage there is violence, where there is violence there is pain, and pain is one of the most powerful catalysts for change. People need to get with the program, for real for real.


You sent the email, don’t be a punk about it………

I love when somebody slips up and let’s their true colors show in regards to race. I LOVE IT.  I don’t know why. It’s like a personal, mmm hmmm I told you so moment. I’m often accused of being too into that “black girl shit” as one of my friends so eloquently described the content of some of my articles on this site. I’m sorry, I’m black, that’s the racial label I was given. Yes, I am into all things that have to do with black folks, especially when it comes to attacks, directly or indirectly, on my status as a human being in this society. In comes Officer Justin Barrett. You’ve probably heard of him by now if you keep up with the jones’s through CNN or if you’ve been following the soap opera-esque melodrama that is the Henry Louis Gates Jr. arrest. For clarification’s sake, Officer Justin Barrett is not the arresting officer, that was Sgt Joseph Crowley. Now we all know cops take care of thier own, and Officer Barrett went directly into ‘ride or die’ mode. He sent an e-mail to columnist Yvonne Abraham in which he referred to Mr. Gates as a “banana eating jungle monkey” and a “bumbling jungle monkey” and also refers to her writing as “jungle monkey gibberish”. After Mr. Barrett debunks Ms Abrahams skills as “as good as jungle monkey gibberish” he then goes on to state, ” I might as well AX you the question….” Hmmmmm. Why would a self-proclaimed former English teacher and writer use AX as if it was a proper word. Perhaps it was an attempt at jungle monkey speak? Even though I’ve never seen a photograph of Ms. Abraham, given some of the publications she’s written for, I am pretty that sure she’s a black woman, which makes his ignorant insinuations that much more provocative. You can view the original e-mail for yourself here. Now that Officer Barrett has been placed on administrative leave pending a full investigation and a termination hearing, he wants to cry I am not a racist, which he also stated in his e-mail.

I sincerely apologize to fellow officers, soldiers and citizens, I did not intend any racial bigotry blah, blah, bleh, bleh, bleh. Come on dude! I could see if he came up with something along the lines of, ” You know what, I was angry and there’s just some things about this country/some people I just don’t understand/upset me…..” Perhaps I could relate if he stood up for himself like a man and spoke his truth instead of stumbling and fumbling through that pre-written, politically correct, apology speech that was fooling no one. You’ve got to love how his lawyer tried to take the viewers to church when Larry started poking. My favorite part of this whole interview;

Larry: What made you come up with that language though?

Officer Barrett: I don’t even know…

Oh you know buddy, you know. You may not consider yourself a full bigot but you’ve got a little bit of it up in there swimming around somewhere, don’t front. Language like that does not come from nowhere. Social conditioning, deep-seated prejudices and upbringing might bring about that kind of language, but it most certainly does not just pop into your head like some faerie visiting you in the night. 

When I was little, whenever I got a cut or a scratch ,I was always told the fastest way to heal that sucka’ was to let the air get to it. You can cover it up and keep it clean, but to speed up the healing proces you have to air it out. I say that to say this, if you’re a bigot, put it in the air. Somebody just might come along and help you heal. Don’t hide behind the veil of being a decent citizen who always treats others with respect and dignity if you know damn well you’ll let a racial slur slip from your lips in a heartbeat if somebody of the wrong complexion tests you . Don’t be afraid to let you’re true colors show, everybody is not going to like you but at least they can respect you. Having open, honest and uncensored DIALOUGUE( more intelligent debate than verbal fisticuffs) about racial  prejudices and biases is the only way we’re ever really going to move forward with race relations in this country. All things that are done in the dark will come to light. It’s better to put your beliefs on front street voluntarily then let them fester in your mind untill they blow up all over your “good name”. 

White people, and anyone else who this may apply to, stop perpitrating. You know good and well referring to black folks as monkeys is as Jim Crow as ‘coloreds only’ signs

Haters everywhere he go………..


Is it just me or does it seem like the powers that be will not stop until they reduce Obama and his historic presidency to a mere joke in the sidelines of popular culture. I wasn’t going to post anything about this nonsense here but when my eyes were assaulted by this story on Yahoo’s homepage I couldn’t help but notice how much of a fool the media at large is making of Obama. He’s become like that foreign exchange student in high school that everybody wants to get to know and is real interested in, because he’s from another country and all, and then once the novelty wears off he’s demoted to just another nobody you shove your way past in the hallway. If his election is supposed to mean we’ve taken one step forward as a nation, stories like this are our two steps back. Not only did the media have a field day with this bull( try googling Obamas mom jeans)they even questioned him about his fashion choices and prompted him to defend himself. Really? And this isn’t the first time they’ve got at dude for his so called “frumpy” choices in denim. Oh get a life, for real  for real. There’s much more worthwhile stuff to deal with honestly. It makes we wonder what kind of jeans  they want him to wear……….














maybe  an ensemble like this would’ve been more socially appropriate or…….










maybe something a little more like this, with complimentary day-glo graffiti hoodie and fitted cap? What the hell is going on, am I the only one who feels like this is some old twilight zone sanctioned foolishness? Like was what he wore any worse than this dudes choice in attire…















or his…..












Have the style, feel the ghetto…….


“Looking at it now, you’d realize that having that ghetto hairstyle is more than a fashion statement or a way of making heads turn your way. These hairstyles are more of a social movement—just done in a fashionable way. In one way or another, this has helped the women’s movement by making them noticeable. So feel proud of the next girl who’s rocking that ghetto hairstyle!”

 Those are their words not mine…….

While surfing the web, I came across this jewel of a site. It reads like it was written by someone who is either very skilled at passive agressive racist tactics or is just plain backwoods I-live-under-a-rock dumb.  Peep their list of the 10 most popular “ghetto” nicknames, as they put it, no “ghetto” makeover is complete without one.  Pitino? Lucreasia? JonTonae?  I don’t think so. To be honest I’m sick to death of hearing the word ghetto, because these days people let it slip out thier mouth too often, and when it’s said, most of the time, it’s not even in the right context. Concerning elaborate hairstyles,  if you’ve ever seen a picture of the traditional hairstyles women wear in some of the African and Asian countries they are very similar to what some so called “ghetto” American women wear today. They are architectural, colorful and all around fly as hell……….

Learn about culture kids……………


Ok so I’m watching Sucka Free on MTV2, and this commercial comes on and I’m completely at a loss for words

So I’m like, yo I gotta post something about this because they can not be serious, how are they going to play Obama like that?  I then started thinking maybe I was looking too deep into the situation because not everything has to have a racial context right? Apparently, my first thoughts were right………

Where’s Chia Bush at, or Chia Kennedy, or Chia Reagan?

I don’t shuck n jive………

I am not a product of the plantation

I am a daughter of this nation

where it was decreed

that I am free to liberally pursue my happiness in this life

which I do

in ways they couldn’t

and I won’t go back

feel like I’m trapped in a movie

trying to move fast forward

while you’re steady pressing rewind

I left shuckin n jivin


I will not go back to being that

girl that always had to be the comic relief at her own expense

I will not change the things I say


how I choose to say them because it doesn’t fit

my racial profile

my mother taught me the difference between

ain’t aren’t are not ax and ask

in this I will not be ashamed

I am not black

I am the descendent of african slaves, fair skinned west indians, europeans

and native americans brown, yellow and red

they haven’t created a name that expresses the totality of

what I am made of and who I am

so I choose to tear up they labels

and make my own

you can’t box me

can’t mold my form

to fit your ideology

I broke every box they tried to put me into

and I will do so

time and

time again

I do not shuck and jive

I will not shuck and jive to prove to you I am less than human

I am above and beyond what you could ever expect

and my journey has only just begun

new born woman

I be seeing myself through eyes tired of weeping

and hearing myself through ears tired of knowing myself through what they

tell me I am

speaking from knowledge they have sought to destroy

since the beginning of time

rolodexed in my DNA

It will never go away this truth I know

and in this I will not be ashamed

I am the creator of nations

inspire hatred from women who smell the strength of my ancestors in me

before they even know my name

wishing they could

saunter like I samba down the street

envious of my natural rhythym that brings

kings to their knees

I know

I know that you hate me because I am

stronger and mightier than you will ever be

and I pity you

because I will not shuck and jive

to present you with the feeling of superiority you don’t possess naturally

I will not belittle myself to give you the

false perception that you are one of GODS chosen elite

and I am the unfortunate, down-trodden, deformed, outcast child

I will not shuck and jive

I do not shuck and jive

I can not shuck and jive

because it’s just not me

Words by yours truly. PEACE

Republican Niggers……..

Do you find that title offensive? It’s fitting given the ignorance displayed by these fools on a Republican based blog. I might be a little late but I came across this story on and you know I had to say something about this …….

These are the two comments that get me the most:

“They make me sick …. The whole family… mammy, pappy, the free loadin’ mammy-in-law, the misguided chillin’, and especially ‘lil cuz… This is not the America I want representin’ my peeps,”

WTF!? Wow, the slave dialect and ebonics was a really nice touch, this is true comedic genius, whoever wrote this one must really bring the house down at the tuesday night bridge game….

“DIRTBAGS! All of them. Our [White House] is now a joke to the rest of the world. We have no respect and this is not going to turn out well, mark my words. We will be hit, and much worse than last time. We are now seen as weak and vulnerable. Ghetto and Chicago thugs have taken over.”

The man is a scholar, graduated from Harvard Law Magna Cum Laude. Ghetto Chicago thug? Yeahhhhh………..Keep on showing us them true colors folks. The revolution will not be televised.