The Only Answer I Can Give Is No Answer At All
March 4, 2010, 5:14 pm
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If you frequent this little thing of mine I don’t like to call a blog, then you may have noticed as of late I have not been writing as much as I used to. I have reached a crossroads in my life that is very hard to articulate. Most of you twenty-somethings out there, and perhaps some of you who are a bit older, should feel me when I say that I have become consumed with searching for myself. I have become obsessed with identifying my passion, clarifying my purpose, and restructuring my goals to achieve those things I desire most. In a world full of endless possibilites and with an imagination full of endless dreams how do you know which ones to catch and which ones to let float away? Is it even possible to catch them all? In my head are many questions, and I’ve been searching tirelessly for answers. I’ve been looking for signs, something, anything to tell me where to enter, where to exit, what to look out for, to speed up or to slow down, to be cautious, to wait, to change directions, or to stay the course, but I’ve seen no such guides along my way. It is during these times when our eyes fail us we are forced to do the hardest and simplest of things, TRUST and BELIEVE……..

you can question my soul


you can question my soul

but it will probably just



cause you don’t know me

and I don’t owe you

and that is all

i have to


you can question my soul


you can question my soul

but it will just move

past and

forge ahead

cause the only


that I hear is

much greater than


and there are

no more words





 question my soul

question my soul

but it will probably just





The Poets
September 23, 2009, 9:48 pm
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They come to the stage

and let their hearts and their souls erupt from their mouths and

baptise the spirits of all who will listen

I sit in the front row

head cocked half smile

stupid look on my face like


What words do you

can you

use to explain what has just taken place?

Explain the experience of the transaction between

I and They

the poets

beautiful in

infinite variants of

one true expression

the peach toned chick whose vocie saturated the air

with the gritty cadence of an old soul weary

and the cinnamon skinned sista who blew notes

like lady sings the blues

homeboy with the puka shells and

midnight locks that grazed the middle of his back

and old girl with the shoulder length curls elegantly poised in her

 high heels and delicate dress

the enigmatic veteran shouting 

Go deep poet


and calm cool collected young blood

blessing the stage for his first time

spit holy fire

meanwhile I still try to process

what has just taken place

between I and They

the poets

room full of people but I barely notice

I sit caught up in the rapture

of thier words and their voices

and behold thier faces

reading their emotions like

I’m turning pages and

I think to myself


how I wish that I could

eternally dwell in that space

where the energy of the crowd

meets that which rushes forth from the stage

pure fusion

no reason

just feeling

the transfer of emotion between I and They

the poets

nothing but kindred thoughts and feelings

like we’re i chatting via esp

or like two organisms in symbiosis who

know and want nothing more than to just let it be

like lovers who hold on to one another and wish the night would never cease

in essence 

it is transcendent transformation I seek

that seeks me

when I am with the poets


Get High on Truth………

Spoken word by Gemini the Prince


Spoken word makes me feel like the old folks I see dancing in the isles as church. Showing love for my Durham, NC folk here’s a dope performance at the 2009 Southern Fried Slam……………..

I don’t shuck n jive………

I am not a product of the plantation

I am a daughter of this nation

where it was decreed

that I am free to liberally pursue my happiness in this life

which I do

in ways they couldn’t

and I won’t go back

feel like I’m trapped in a movie

trying to move fast forward

while you’re steady pressing rewind

I left shuckin n jivin


I will not go back to being that

girl that always had to be the comic relief at her own expense

I will not change the things I say


how I choose to say them because it doesn’t fit

my racial profile

my mother taught me the difference between

ain’t aren’t are not ax and ask

in this I will not be ashamed

I am not black

I am the descendent of african slaves, fair skinned west indians, europeans

and native americans brown, yellow and red

they haven’t created a name that expresses the totality of

what I am made of and who I am

so I choose to tear up they labels

and make my own

you can’t box me

can’t mold my form

to fit your ideology

I broke every box they tried to put me into

and I will do so

time and

time again

I do not shuck and jive

I will not shuck and jive to prove to you I am less than human

I am above and beyond what you could ever expect

and my journey has only just begun

new born woman

I be seeing myself through eyes tired of weeping

and hearing myself through ears tired of knowing myself through what they

tell me I am

speaking from knowledge they have sought to destroy

since the beginning of time

rolodexed in my DNA

It will never go away this truth I know

and in this I will not be ashamed

I am the creator of nations

inspire hatred from women who smell the strength of my ancestors in me

before they even know my name

wishing they could

saunter like I samba down the street

envious of my natural rhythym that brings

kings to their knees

I know

I know that you hate me because I am

stronger and mightier than you will ever be

and I pity you

because I will not shuck and jive

to present you with the feeling of superiority you don’t possess naturally

I will not belittle myself to give you the

false perception that you are one of GODS chosen elite

and I am the unfortunate, down-trodden, deformed, outcast child

I will not shuck and jive

I do not shuck and jive

I can not shuck and jive

because it’s just not me

Words by yours truly. PEACE

Daily Jewelz: Past, Present and Future Heroes……….
July 8, 2009, 12:42 pm
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This piece was written by a very talented friend of mine hailing from the Bay Area, east Oakland to be exact. Whenever I read his poetry, I always tell him he writes the kind of stuff that you have to read again. I mean no doubt about it, the piece will be crazy good, but the first reading doesn’t do anything for me. That’s nothing negative though, that’s the way it is with all good poetry . A poem must force the reader to focus on the subtle wisdom woven between the verses.  A good poem is hard to critique because, in essence, it’s an extension of someones being . The total sum of their thoughts and emotions recorded on paper.  You know a good one when you read one, but sometimes, to grasp the full genius of what you’ve just read you have to read it again……..

Words and wisdom run hand and hand
freedom is once in a lifetime, while time is free
can’t control so fire turns desire
soul to soul each for white house retire
If you build it they will come but past is unsure
When black build it they took from me to say it’s yours
Now is this a place for freedom to prove
A place where black children were hung, black women were done
So if you have answers for the wise
Don’t let the past be the creator of the demise
Sit back and watch history reverse course
Now that is a hero with out a sword

-Jensen D. Best

Daily Jewelz……..
June 29, 2009, 11:23 pm
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When I refer to a jewel I am referring to; any written or verbalized expression that has the potential to stimulate the brain, access a higher mode of thought, expand conciousness, and impart wisdom ………………..peep it

Burning Bush by: Lion of Life

Like what ya heard? Check him at and lionslife youtube channel